Newbe, what about miracle ear

I am shopping for hearing aids and went to miracle ear today. I am a first time user. They gave me a pair of 850 to demo for the weekend. Just not sure about them.I defiantly need hearing aids I have profound high frequency loss. Are they an inferior product? From reading am wondering. they came down over 50%. but wondering if I should go with more well known name brandlike oticon, rexton gn resound? Please respond as I meet again to return or buy miracle ears on Monday. This is very confusing for me. I need help


I had a VERY VERY bad experience with that company when I first needed hearing aids. I have no idea if they are that scary bad today, but I’d RUN AWAY FROM ANY deal with them based on my poor experience.

I’d go to an ENT, and then a Audiologist - this assumes that you have never had hearing aids before.

Good luck.

buy a well known brand… lilke the ones above… you will get better service!