New Widex hearing aids--one is not charging, shorting out

Arrgh. I can only get 30 minutes to max 4 hours on endless charging (it never fully charged) with my brand new, worn less than 24 hours, right-side Widex Moment Sheers. I had heard they had some kind of charging issue but thought or imagined that was sorted by now. Seems to only be the right aid as the left charges and performs flawlessly. I have reset it and so forth, re paired yada yada. Plus a few times it just stopped working. So back they go. It was great while it lasted… I will nonetheless be keen to have a working pair back asap. But I want a new pair, no repairs, and working out of the box set.

I am going to see if anyone has actually worn the new smartRics. I am curious about the adjustment to the microphone, the different form factor/design, and the different charger and longer battery life. I almost got them but they are newly launched and there is little information. I also worried they might be uncomfortable. The new L shaped case looked quite a bit larger. And I worried about how reliable they might be given they are new. Cannot be any worse :wink:

Yep they can be a real pain those rechargeable, get the disposable battery models from any brand and your problems are solved, I don’t know if I asked, but your Costco wholesale is too far away to make it worth while.

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Unfortunately the Costco is also a hike. No easy solution.

I have been wearing them for a couple months now, they are perfectly fine. See this thread: Widex SmartRIC aids now out - #20 by

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Thank you, that is a very helpful thread.