New wearer with problem

Hi All,
I just started wearing hearing aids for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I believe they are the CIC style where they took an impression of my ears to make the aids. I am having trouble with them working loose and I’m afraid I am going to loose them.

They have both come loose, but the right one in patricular seams to be the worst. When I talk on the phone it almost always works loose. I do cradle the phone on my shoulder a lot to make notes while talking.

They were both sent back and had small clear plastic tabs added to the bottom of them. I got them back last night and started wearing them again today. I am still having the same problem.

Of coarse I plan to call the audiologist again, but I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to help hold them in place?

I have just been fitted also with new CIC HA’s and have the opposite problem of having trouble getting them in and out. They are a very tight fit and certainly do not come out whatever I do. Your’s should be the same.

I think they are going to take another set of impressions. Not sure what would be different, but worth a try at this point. Is it common to have this happen?

Yes, I think it is pretty common. My first CIC was a Starkey Destiny and it was so loose it actually fell out. I thought they were going to remake it but they put a hard extension foot on it that did keep it from moving around. I had trouble getting a good fit with the Rexton Insite also and had it remade. Overall, I like the RIC style better than the CIC and I think it is more hidden (can’t see it from the front or side).

Do you find the RIC to be affected by wind noise on breezy days? The CIC’s do get a bit of that.

They put a plastic foot on the bottom of mine last week. Really didnt seem to help much.

I get less windnoise from the RIC (Resound Future/Alera) than I did from the Starkey Destiny CIC or Rexton Insite CIC.

I don’t know enough about it to know if the difference is because the RICs are inherently less “windy” or if it has something to do with the brands.

I got a lot of wind noise with the CICs, so much that I could not hear people or other sounds around me. With the Resound Future I get some wind noise but not nearly as much and I can still hear other things. I’m more worried about the RIC flying off in a strong wind. It hasn’t happened and maybe it is not possible, I don’t know.

Well, they took new ear impressions a week ago, just got the new aids back today. They feel more comfortable than my first set, but still come loose when talking on the phone or chewing.

Is there any material that can be added to the outside to make them less slippery"? ( prefer not to use glue or velcro :smiley: )

any other suggetions?


I’ve been wearing CICs for about 17 years now. I’ve always found that they do move around a bit, especially under certain circumstances, like talking, and chewing, and holding the phone with my shoulder, as you mentioned. But I’ve never had one come so loose that it fell out of my ear. If it were that bad, I would definitely have the casing remade.

But…I have had my audiologist tighten the fit in his office by wrapping a thin plastic tubing around the aid. Sometimes one single circle has done the trick, sometimes more of a corkscrew type wrap is needed. But yes, there are simple ways to add some material to help tighten the fit and prevent excess movement. Ask your audiologist about this. And best of luck.

Even tho these are still kinda loose, they definately feel better in my ears… I dont feel the pressure against the ear canal as much with these. being new to all this, I’m trying to figure out what the “new normal” is.

will check out the wrap! Thanks again!!

you should also check new shell production materials …

Dreve has the Fotoflex 3 to produce flexible ITEs shells
have a look here

Fit issues:
If I were working with you I’d apply build-up material to your aids layer by layer (with you sitting in front of me) until we found a size where retention was improved without the aids feeling too tight or causing other problems. I would then send the aids back to the manufacturer and request they be remade to that size. This should avoid multiple “back and forth” trips with them guessing at different sizes until they get it right.

Don’t use comply tips (the wraps someone had mentioned) or build-up material alone as a solution if you can help it. Both of these will wear off in time and need to be replaced. New hearing aids come with a remake warranty so take advantage of that to make sure you start with a good fit. Use comply tips or build-up material if you have fit issues after your aids are out of warranty and you’d prefer not to pay to have the shell remade.

Regarding wind noise: Generally (but not always) CICs will have less wind noise problems than BTEs due to being more shielded from the wind. If this becomes an issue for you consider trying a custom Alera hearing aid (the remote microphones are even more shielded from the wind).

I’d recommend that you try a product called “Cushion Grip.” This is a unique denture adhesive that I’ve been using for years. It’s important that you use this product and not any other denture adhesive!

The product is applied around the canal part of the aid which is then inserted into the ear. You have to push the aid in to the ear canal to insure that the material conforms to the ear. This ought to keep the aid in securely for a while. I use it to control feedback and boy does it work well. The aid is then kept in the ear for several hour during which time, it hardens. If you try to remove it too early, it sticks to the ear canal.

It’s important to use the correct amount - not too much or it will cover up the ports for the loudspeaker or microphone.

The coating will typically last for a few months. After a while the coating gets brittle and you can peel it off and re-apply a new layer. Good luck!