New Waterproof Hearing aid - Siemens

Siemens have come up with a waterproof hearing aid.

It’s going to be unveiled at the AAA conference.

Looks good.

Wonder how much ?

I’d love to know how they make a waterproof battery compartment using a zinc air battery…


dr Amy …me too. As these Zinc-Air batteries need to breathe O/2. Sweat as you know is salty therefore highly conductive so they need a tight seal .Ed

Looks cool, presumably if you are buying it as waterproof if it dies from moisture that’s an easy warranty return. I’d love one, but as a spare set just for the water, and of course I don’t have that kind of money. In a few years time when they are second hand on eBay I’ll get a pair. :smiley:

Sound like a good choice for people who goes for outdoor work often.

Anyone know what they are selling them for? Would be interesting if they come in at a similar price to other technology.

Accreditated to be capable of staying completely submerged for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 metre underwater, Siemens “AQUARIS” and available since summer 2011.
Also interesting the “Aquapac” (waterproof seal for Minitek) and the “SportPack” (a clip to better hook HA to ear, with purpose to keep HA more stable during sport activities)
Below the link to internet site from manufacturer.
Have good reading and please share opinions.
Will Aquaris really be waterproof?

Of the 3 manufacturers I use primarily, they all say they have a waterproof hearing aid…

yet they all go in at some time for repairs due to moisture issues :confused:


Waterproof or water resistent? Does anyone else promise you can go swimming in your hearing aids or do they just say you can wear them in a very light rainstorm? Interested to know what else is out there claiming to be waterproof because since the Rionet stopped being available I’ve been told there is not a waterproof hearing aid any more until the Aquaris.

There are 2 newer aids out that state they are WATERPROOF, I’m looking at the marketing materials as we speak. The reps even dunk them in cups of water and show that they can still work. And just because someone promises you can go swimming in them, doesn’t make it true.

But they go in for repairs also. Unless Siemens has found a way around zinc air batteries, the battery compartment is going to be an issue. Period…not to even mention microphones…


“To cope with this, Siemens developed a one-piece casting for Aquaris. A scratchproof, rubber-like surface holds the device securely behind the ear and prevents it from slipping. The battery compartment is equipped with a waterproof but air-permeable membrane. As a result, environmentally-friendly zinc air batteries can be used, which always require “air to breathe”. The cover clip is attached to the top of the casing via ultrasound. It also protects the waterproof but acoustically transparent microphone membrane, which was specially developed for Aquaris. A nano coating and a seal protect the earpiece”.

I think you are refering to the Starkey Zon.

But dunking them in a cup of water vs 1m of water for 30min with an international recognised ingressing protecton rating is a huge differents.

Which ones? You mean waterPROOF, right? May we know the names?

No I wasn’t, Zons are older tech anyway.

I fully understand that a cup and an ocean are different - my point is that you can’t always believe marketing hype.

I hope it is truly waterproof, but I’m not holding my breath.

dr. amy

YES, like I said before, there are marketing materials that exist that claim waterPROOF aids.

And I won’t mention names because my point is this: I am terribly hopeful that this product is in fact waterPROOF, but I am reasonably cautious because of my experience in this field. Other products have waterproof membranes as well over their mic covers, but they don’t always work the way you’d think. Especially because moisture isn’t always simply h20. Sometimes it contains salt or other contaminants that cause corrosion and breakdown of materials.

Again, I hope it is as wonderful as Siemens claims, but quoting a Siemens press release does not impress me nor is it a reliable sorce of practical information.

I think it is better for my patients that I be reasonably cautious as opposed to overly optimistic.

dr. amy

So what are they??! :confused:

See the above post


But some people are not looking for something waterproof but are looking for something closer to it than others and thus are looking for things which advertise as having an element of water resistance, i.e. they’d like to walk in the rain, not swim in the ocean, thus information on any which claim to be waterproof, even if they aren’t, is still helpful.

Bah, the claims are all bogus until they can come up with a battery that’s moisture proof. I have GN ReSound Live 9’s with the iSolate coating that’s supposed to make them moisture resistant. All it does is channel my sweat right into the battery compartment, killing the aids until the battery dries out.

Sure, some may want to walk in the rain, but the reason manufacturers are putting any effort into this is perspiration and its effect on hearing aids.


Capillary action is usually the killer, as is the shorting on batteries.

However, it should be perfectly feasible to make a hermetically sealed aid, with an inductively charged; rechargeable battery, and the same seals as the Siemens one above.

Zinc air isn’t a good option: Li-ion would be better.

Wireless programming only would make sense too.