New User - White Noise

Hello everyone - I wish I had been astute enough to find this message board before I purchased my new HAs but except for being overcharged, maybe I didn’t make too bad of a decision, $3600 each. I’ve been intently reading this site and on day 3 of my new aids. I have been searching but can’t find any info on outside noises. I live in the city and notice when I’m outside I am being overwhelmed by static/white noice in both aids, the audiologist say’s its traffic, but it’s too consistent to be traffic like I know it. Is this normal ? Does everyone experience this static once you are in the open air ? I was given a choice on price and chose the more expensive because they said it would cut down on “wind” noise and I live in the windy city and am outside a few times a day for brief periods, however I did experience SOME wind noise the first day, but it was different than this static. On the bus, I can hear some voices, but the static was also overwhelming. My HA’s didn’t come with a shut off nor has the audiologist programed the 2nd program on my aids yet. Once I’m indoors the static stops, of course “things” are still loud, i.e., my voice, copy machine at work, etc., but I know now from reading these posts that I should have expected this. I’m wearing Starkey Destiny but I’m not sure which model no. Thanks in advance for any advice.

I just started using the Pure 500 BTE aids, I’ve just got mild loss.
When they make the adjustments in the clinic and then ask me how does that sound? well that’s a joke. All I hear is the electronics buzzing from the lights and computers. I complained about this hissing noise.
One weekend in the deep country I turned on my aids. Silence! wow! I switched to the most sensitive setting, (music, no compression), full volume, and now I could hear some birds about 100 yards away. As the day progressed I could hear the wind in the pines and some leaves rattling. Once the screen door slammed I turned the aids back to a more moderate setting and volume. I have 4 programs and an option for one more.
So cities are very noisy. Commercial offices are too.
Luckily with the remote, I can flip programs or just turn them off when I’m driving or working near loud machines.
You should be the one to decide what you want to hear better and when. But cities are ‘dirty’.

My HA’s are older and only have one sound program option. I chose to have nearly all processing turned off and only the necessary EQ to bring my hearing closer to normal. I like hearing what others hear, rather than super-human hearing where noises are filtered.

Is the static you’re hearing like the static on a TV that’s tuned to a weak channel, or does it sound like loud sounds are being clipped short? Try making loud sounds indoors, like banging a pot in an otherwise quiet kitchen. If the banging cuts out, you could have compression cranked too high. If the banging sounds normal but outside sounds are still weird, then something else is up.

Also try listening to just a piano recording at louder volumes just to push the HA’s. Listening to a single instrument that you know how it should sound should clue you into what adjustments need to be made or at least what to tell your audi.

Thank you for your suggestions. The white noise seems better, so I’m convinced that either (A) there was moisture (I picked them up on a damp day and these forums mention dampness) or (B) my brain is getting used to the aids (that was the most helpful thing I’ve read on these forums). I like your suggestion of listening to a piano or something I know for sure how it should sound and plan to do this before my next visit with my audi. I too only have one program and I plan to ask for her to make restaurants and noisy places more bearable.