New user trying Audibel Via Edge AI - Bluetooth problems VS Phonak Paradise

I started with Phonak Paradise and now trying a pair of Audibel Via Edge AI, I am having a problem with the Bluetooth on the Audibel, complaints when using the phone that they can’t understand me, sometimes problems pairing up Bluetooth, am I doing something wrong? Hope you can help me find the right hearing aids, I have severe hearing loss.

Welcome Lester, you have come to the right place to learn about hearing aids… I am totally unfamiliar with Audible hearing aids, but I have worn Phonak & Oticon for 30 + years, I am at present wearing a set of Phonak Naida Paradise 90’s UP BTE, I hear pretty well with them considering my severe/profound loss. Hopefully someone will come in whom is familiar with your Edge aids? In the meantime please post up your audiogram, so others can see what they are dealing with as there are a few types of severe loss! Good luck, cheers Kev.

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Welcome to the Forum, Lester!

I second Kev’s advice, FWIW.

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Your hearing aids are the house brand of the Starkey Livio Ai Edge or Edge Ai however Starkey has named them. There are a few people on the forum that use them.

The biggest difference in the Bluetooth is the phonak uses the hearing aid microphones for the phone and the audibels use the phone microphone.

Hope that helps.


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I have the Starkey Livo Edge. It is a very good hearing aid. It acts like a fit bit. It offers translation features. Its most powerful feature is the Edge. It offers clarity using AI built on the hearing aid. It has the ability to learn the listening environment. You have to turn it off if you leave the room. This can be done by tapping the aid. It also has a tap feature to activate accessories. There are some videos that show this hearing aid ability really good. The main thing is to get the hearing aids that work best for your hearing loss. Good luck with your choice both are really good.

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