New user - Static like noise


I got two Oticon Spirit 3 hearing aids with open air fitting yesterday and I have found I have a loud static noise in both ears, especially noticeable in quiet places. I have tried turning the volume down, which reduces this noise but not much. I don’t want to turn it down too much as I think I may as well not wear the hearing aids. Can anyone advise me as to whether this is normal and if there are any suggestions to great rid of this noise? I think I’d rather not wear the hearing aid than sit with this static noise in my ears all day (It’s quite like an un-tuned radio!).



You should not hear any static or noise from a HA. I just sent my now quite
old Oticon DigiFocus for repair…moisture had got in and I have constant
white noise/static. No amount of drying out seemed to help this time.

Your problem sound like what I experienced…again, I would definitely take
the aids back.

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i believe Spirit i believe is a tender instrument.
perhaps you should ask you audi to reduce the gain in your soft sounds


From the very beginning my Oticon Tegos had a high pitched noise (something like water running through the pipe) in addition to background noise that sounded something like static. Had been back and forth to audi to adjust. In addition to adjusting the noise suppression, some of the high frequency was cut off so I hardly had this high pitched noise. Background noise was always there though. Unfortunately was not able to comprehend speech with this so went back to wearing old backup pair.

Old paif of HA need to be repaired so I tried wearing the OTICON again. No improvement in comprehension. After several weeks, I’m not wearing any hearing aids. Find it hard to understand speech whether its quiet, noisy, outside, inside or in car because of background noise & speech sounds a little bit distorted. Made appointment for audi.

Is this HA defective? Should I insist that they be sent back to OTICON for repair? Please advise & thanks.

It’s hard to say what is wrong with the Tegos, but regardless, I would encourage you to make an appointment with the audiologist until it is taken care of either through programming, repair, or replacement. You spent a good deal of money, make sure things are done right.