New user please help


i am assuming you are past the return / exchange period, right ? i have widex beyond and i love them so much, the world sounds natural to me

i had my hearing tested and the hearing aids tuned and the audiologist purposely tried to get close the edges of high frequency sounds to make them more distinct and it did work, my hearing became sharper but it also brought some tinniness, my point is that the type of hearing aid and especially the adjustment for your unique hearing (and i think the idea of trying open domes as someone else has said is a great idea) takes work and doesn’t happen overnight

at first i wore my ha a few hours a day and now i put them on when i get up and take them off last thing before going to bed, they have changed my life and i couldn’t live without them

please don’t allow yourself to give in to depression or despair, keep trying, go back to your audiologist and talk and let them know you are struggling and maybe talk to your doc and even see if medication will happen for awhile

getting your hearing working the best way possible takes work, good luck :slight_smile:



I fully sympathise with how difficult this situation can be. I am another one for Widex, myself & my son both have the Evokes & it’s like my natural hearing but filling in the missing bits. There’s always things that take time to adjust to but the most important thing is to have a dispenser who knows the product well, and like with Widex, sets them up with a sensogram which means it’s a very accurate prescription. If you get free trial periods it may be worth a go, even just for comparison.