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Hi I am new here I don’t know where to start so I’ll just say it I was born with ss hearing loss all my life it bothered me but not enough to get hearing aids I am 47 I have small a small child and teenagers 4 months ago I had a cold and it’s been hell since I bought a starkly latest model ha and it just didn’t cut it or am I expecting too much I have isolated myself honestly I need to fix this for my children if not for myself please how is it really supposed to be is it always going to be bad please any advice I know I am rambling but I am just off the grid right now worry



Please I need any advice available greatly appreciated.



I would think with your hearing loss the Starkey aids would help you. Try to take notes about your issues concerning the new aids to give to your audiologist when you go back. The new aids can also be overwhelming to a new user. All the new loud sounds can tire you quickly. Try to be patient. If the aids have volume control, try turning them down some. You have to wear them for your brain to get used to them.
Other members will reply soon I would imagine. Lots of good people here.



Thank you it’s been so awful I just want to get past this . I don’t wear them much because I am so disappointed . Do they ever work in gathering and parks and school outings or I just have to cut my losses?



Noisy gatherings are challenging, but there are ways to make things better with ancillary devices. You definitely need to work at it though. I’m guessing you’re beyond the return period. Otherwise I’d suggest starting fresh, but hopefully you have an audiologist that will work with you. Keep going back. Try to start wearing them again regularly, working up to most of the day. Sounds like you’ve got some depression going on too. It can be kind of a chicken and the egg thing. Having hearing problems without obvious solution can contribute to depression and depression can make it challenging to motivate self to seek out solutions. Coming here was a good first step!



4 months of hell you won’t believe now kids are off of school I want to fix this I don’t have a choice yes I am beyond my return period I am just so scared to wear them all day and be more disappointed but I think I have to bite the bullet if I want to get better. Do I never take them off only to sleep right. Sometimes I feel like I might hear better without them but my Audi says don’t take them off so confusing so frustrating. She also says the hearing aids will help with the depression.



What model Starkey aids do you have?
If you have time, try to use the search function on this forum to ask questions concerning your issues. This will teach you how to ask your audiologist questions. Asking the right questions and knowing how to explain them is a huge help for the audiologist. I suspect your aids are not tuned properly for you. Starkey makes good aids.



I have I believe the livio recharge battery behind the ear . Some voice are natural others are tinny when I am in a crowded place party or park it’s tends to sound distorted so I take it off



Go about wearing them gradually. The goal is to wear them enough so that your brain gets used to hearing and making sense of new sounds. I would think you should be able to work up to 6-8 hrs a day fairly quickly. If they overwhelm you, adjust the volume down. Longterm goal is to wear them most of your waking hours. It’s ok to take a break from them, but just don’t let it become a routine

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I am assuming you all have been through this some how but have succeeded hoping I will to . My Audi says my ears are damaged and how I used to hear was wrong that the sharp tiiny sound is normal . Is this true?



Maybe or maybe not tinny. Pends on how the aids are tuned. High frequency sounds can sound tinny but shouldn’t overwhelm.
I think some people have a tuffer time getting used to new hearing aids. People who have waited to get aids are more likely to have a tuff time getting used to aids but if they hang in there their brain will acclimate.
What style domes do you have? You are on the border of using open or closed domes.



Custom ear molds I wanted open but she suggested this.

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If I take them off in places I hear well will I not get better?



MDB gave you good advice.
Understand that you are not alone with these hearing issues.



Thank you will do it. Again thank you.



I have had ss deafness all my life (62 yrs). Just now trying to navigate the hearing aid world. You mentioned struggling with ss issues. Were you fitted with a CROS aid?



I am sorry I ment sensural hearing loss😕 I need to learn to spell.



Hi GB…

if you have had some loss since childhood, and are being fit for the first time at 47 yrs old, it is going to take 6 months if not more, of full time usage to get the benefits you are looking for.

Usually in cases like yours, I will put a patient on a graduated wearing schedule. Example:

3 hours a day for five days, and only at home, around the tv, over dinner, whatever, because it is a place where you can control the input of volume.

Five hours a day for seven days, mostly at home.

Seven hours a day for nine days, start allowing yourself to go to quieter places to eat, small group gatherings, the mall, etc.

Nine hours a day for two weeks, limiting your exposure to loud places, but worn everywhere else.

By the end of this, the “edge” should be wearing, if not worn off, and you should be fairly comfortable in most situations.

The problem is you aren’t going to get to the point where you can wear them til you wear them. There’s no easy way across. I wish you luck.



I’ll try responding to several questions. I’ve “been through” getting used to hearing aids. I haven’t had to deal with depression, but I’ve worked with enough post heart attack patients to recognize depression, and yes, people do get through it.
You might possibly get by with something like power domes (not open), but custom molds are likely going to serve you better. (Kudoes to you for putting your audiogram in!)

You need to get used to hearing certain sounds again. If you’re taking them off frequently, it’s really going to slow things down.



If you have had hearing loss most, or all of your life, it is going to be difficult to get accustomed to hearing aids. I have had high frequency loss for most of my adult life, and after trying to wear aids for a few years now, I have never been able to get used to them. Since I am now retired, it isn’t as big an issue as it used to be. I have just learned to tell people that I have hearing problems. Do try to keep wearing your aids. They are about the only thing that is going to restore at least some of your hearing. It may take going to more than one Audiologist to actually find someone who really wants to help. Good luck!

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