New tv and question about Rexton transmitter

I have Rexton Cobalt 16 hearing aids from Costco, and I use the transmitter with rca cables (red and white cables) which I plug into my t.v audio output so I have clarity of sound. I am shopping for a new 55 inch HD tv either samsung or sony, and neither of them have rca cable out puts anymore.

The man at Best Buy said he would figure something out, but before I spend all that money, I want the answer before I buy. I asked if I should bring in my transmitter and all the other connectors that came with it (3 others…which don’t connect at all to my current tv.s, one is a 26 inch SOny HD, which all need the rca connector). Does any one know how do I hook my transmitter up to the tv without the rca cables into the audio output? If any one knows it will be appreciated.

I think you have two choices. First is to see if your cable set-top box has RCA outputs. I think this would be the preferred route. Second, you can get a DAC box that converts a digital output from the TV into analog RCA output. You could spend up to $50 going this way.

In addition to the above post, see if the new tv has a headphone jack, if it does you can use that with an adapter.