New to USA, need to configure my HA


I recently came to Milwaukee, USA on a long term work assignment. I need to reconfigure my HA settings which is signia BTE motion SP 7PX. I already have insurance from Aetna too. Could anyone guide me how to get appointment for an Audiologist in USA and guide me the good audiologist around Milwaukee area?
Also, Does insurance cover audiologist fees and Hearing aid price if I buy new one?

Thanks in Advance



One option if it hasn’t occurred to you, and if you’re a handy DIY type person and technical enough, is to buy the interface hardware (around $250-$300), download the free programming software, and reconfigure your HA yourself. Visit the DIY section on this forum for more details.



Thanks for the reply. I will look into the DIY section but I still do need the clarification on my questions above to understand the workflow in USA on the same.



Most insurance here in the states don’t cover hearing aids or even hearing test

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  1. Most insurances wont cover HAs. I have come across only one company which did (an old timer company, and it went bankrupt. Go figure). You can practically assume HA coverage is nil.
  2. Most audiology practices will not support HAs not bought from them. You may be able to find a rare audiologist who can provide some basic tinkering out of courtesy for you or for a small fee.
    For Oticon, I believe that their website lists available audiologist based on the area who can provide servicing for a fee (its not insignificant)

Since you are new to US, I will suggest Costco for purchasing a HA if cost is a primary concern - but their personnel can be a hit or miss - proceed only if you are comfortable with the audiologist/specialist/etc.



What needs to be reconfigured? Has your hearing loss changed/worsened?



There’s been some discussion here about insurance coverage for hearing aids. It’s common enough to be worth checking out.

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Absolutely. My insurance covers basic aids once every 3 years. Hearing test is also covered separately. And the visit to the ENT was covered.

I strongly suggest calling your insurance company. We can’t answer that question here. Some plans do, some don’t. My insurance does, but that is a benefit that was added just 4 years ago.