New to this, Would like a copy of Phonax Target

Sorry for the newbie stuff, but I keep seeing questions on how to get the Target software, but either the answers are dead links, or the person posting simply says “I got the software”.

So, here’s my deal. I have a set of Phonak Q90’s that I’ve had for about 6 years. Like most new HA users, I paid a small fortune for them. I have the opportunity to get a set of M90s for much less. My current audiologist says he can’t work on them if I buy elsewhere, but he’ll continue to service my Q90s.

I’ve been in IT for about 35 years, so I don’t think using the software will be a problem. Just getting it seems to be my current roadblock.

I’m also open to finding another audiologist (Dallas/Ft Worth are of Texas) that will work on M90’s that bought online.

Suggestions for both a source for software and how to find an audiologist that can help me?