New to the forum

Hey all! I just found this site today cause I’m getting some new hearing aids tomorrow (yay!) and I was just searching for bluetooth reviews to see what they say about it and found this site!
Anyways, I am 17 years old and have had hearing aids since I was about 3 when my parents took me in to the doctors cause I had an ear ache and found out that I’m partially deaf in both ears.
I know one person who has hearing aids that is around my age, and have known him since I was 3 when we went to a special pre-school for kids with hearing problems and never saw him again until we both ended up going to the same highschool. :slight_smile:
I have a question that I am curious about and if you are not comfortable answering, you don’t have to but… At what age(ish) were you when you got hearing aids?

I was in my late 30’s when I got my first one but the left ear hearing was still OK and as often is the case I wore it some then put it in a drawer because I could “cope” with only using the left ear mainly.

By 57 both the losses in both ears had increased. I now wear the new digital aids if I want to cearly understand speech. It is funny but now that I have adjusted to them they help make road noise and chatter less stressful actually.

This is a great site. I am not into blue tooth technology but I see from posts some are really into using that technology to the max. Best of luck with your search.

My HAs have bluetooth and, though I’m brand new to them, it’s working very well, so far. I don’t think the iPod sounds as good as with a great pair of headphones, but TV and telephone sound great through the bluetooth connection.

I was born with a congenital hearing loss, but didn’t get hearing aids until now (age 45). I could have used them in school… it would have helped me in classroom and lecture situations. However, my hearing loss was not taken seriously by anyone and my complaints about having trouble hearing fell on truly deaf ears. When I finally found a sympathetic doctor, he was surprised at how long I went without any hearing assistance. At that point, I actually could not afford HAs so I still went without. Finally, I got HAs and I am glad to have them.

I was diagnosed at ten. For some reason, it was not recommended that I wear aids in both ears. I was fitted with a Zenith body aid which I wore in left ear 5 days a week and in my right for 2 days. (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were “left ear” days, and Tuesdays and Thursdays were “right ear days”).

For most of my life I wore an aid in the left ear all the time and only sometimes in the right.

Now I wear two all the time.

My son has a moderately severe to severe loss in both ears. He was diagnosed at 15 months old and was in his first pair of hearing aids by 18 months old. He started speech therapy right away and was going to school by 3 and a half years old for intensive speech therapy. By 2nd grade he was fully mainstreamed. He is 12 now and about to start 7th grade. He is wearing Phonak Naida SP and has an iCom that he can use to talk on the phone with it’s bluetooth capabilities and to listen to his iPod. In school he puts an FM boot on the iCom and his teachers wear the microphone.
good luck with your new hearing aids!

My hearing problems were first detected on a school hearing test in the third grade. My loss has since been diagnosed as progressive, kind of a no brainer since it kept getting worse. I got my first set of aids in my 20’s. Prior to that, they said aids wouldn’t help me. Now in my mid 50’s my loss is profound, bordering on deaf. Bluetooth is a nice feature to have but not a necessity since there are devices that can make your aids bluetooth compatible if they aren’t already.

So, I got my new hearing aids, they don’t have bluetooth (which doesn’t matter to me much) And they are great, they are custom molded Starkey S Series that are more in my ear. They do have that telecoil thing in them which is cool but I will need to get used to. My audiologist was right about hearing aid technology being lots advanced from 4 years ago. I can also adjust the volume with my cellphone (Didn’t know about that) which is neat but I don’t think my school will appreciate that (No cellphone rule). Noise cancelling is annoying for me since its only on or off. Its good for work but not good when I am listening to the radio or something like that…
Anyways, I like them!

Are those aids the only brand you were allowed to try?