New to Siemens Pure Micon

I have used Resound Air in about 6 years.They have worked well the first few years and they have no settings but adapts to the environment I find myself in.
In recent years however, they have not been sufficient.Therefore, I have acquired a pair of Siemens Pure Micon.They made a significant difference and the sound of the television can now be at a level that my wife is happy with. An advantage of Siemens hearing aids is that they can have rechargeable batteries. I’ve got portable phones that has a volume control and they works great for me.
For Pure Micon there are a lot of accessories, among others are Minitek that allows different BlueTooth equipment can provide audio directly into my hearing aids. I do not know if I can take advantage of this technology as I perceive to get the full sound experience right into my ears. When listening to music, it’s good to hear cinema sound (6.1) fill the room and not get the sound right in my ears wia the BlueTooth line.
I look forward to hearing your experiences.

Hello again!
I replay myself to this thread.
Yesterday I went to town with the car for a couple of hours. When I got back I found the right HA missing. It had fell off somewhere in town. Today I contacted a store I was in and the Police, but no success. Today I contacted the Hearing Center and explained my situation. The Pure Micon 7m has a special thing to apply to the HA to secure they are locked to the ear. This thing was meant o be delivered with the HA, but was not done so.
On the Siemens website they statue: With Pure micon you are not aware of wearing a hearing aid. In an outside city environment I feel difficult to know if both HA:s are in place
I have to pay 120 dollar for a new HA. Siemens supply send me a rechargeable battery for free.