New to Nathos and forum - some wise words needed please!

Hello everyone, I’m new to the forum having been recently fitted with two NHS Nathos hearing aids, type SP, W.

I am very pleased with the new AIDS (they replaced once that I bought privately many years ago), especially that they are wireless.

I have spoken to the hospital and they are happy to reprogram the aids so that the Streamer will be able to control the programs and volume of my hearing aids.

I have looked through the literature and believe that I should purchase a Phonak ComPilot together with a Phonak TVLink S Basestation. This, will I believe have a basic streaming capability to listen to the television.

Question: Are these the right devices for the NHS Nathos SP, W aids?

I also need to use my aids with telephone calls and I understand that if I was to purchase a Bluetooth enabled landline telephone, I could pair this to the streamer. The Phonak site lists compatible Bluetooth mobile phones but not Bluetooth Landline phones.
The Panasonic KX-TG8621E seems to have all the right features but “Head Set” or “Hands Free” profile (HSP/HFP) do not feature in their write-up. DECT does not, I think., cover HSP/HFP

Question: Does anyone have experience of UK landline Bluetooth phones please?

Once I have some answers, I will purchase the devices and no doubt be back in touch if things do not “connect” as expected.

Finally, instead of a new Bluetooth landline, would it be simpler to use my old landline phone (it’s usually next to me) and plug in the 3.5mm jack on the ComPilot when the phone rings?

Yes. Coz you have the Wireless Nathos, the iCom and the newer ComPilot would work with them.

You won’t be able to use the ComPilot as a remote to change program or volume. Remote feature only works with the Spice platform and the Nathos are from the older Core platform.

The ComPilot will only work as a streamer. The + and - on the ComPilot will allow you to increase the volume of the call/music etc but won’t allow to HAs volume to change.

Thank you for your informative reply – it prompted me look at the small print but has raised more questions.

I understand that the Nathos SP W has CORE chips and the ComPilot cannot change the programme or volume of the HAs.

But Section 8.2 (Managing multiple inputs to the ComPilot) of the user instructions say:
“When an audio source is connected via the ComPilot, your hearing aids will automatically switch to special programs. Up to 4 automatic programs can be fine-tuned by your hearing care professional.”

Does this mean the when the ComPilot is on, my HAs recognise the wireless source of sound and that I can then manually select a programme that is extra to the two that I chose when I got the aids (Comfort Speech? and Automatic)

For example, when my wife and I listen to the TV with the volume set normally for her, will I have to manually set the programme on the HAs so that I only get the TV audio via the streamer? I understand the TV volume will be set by me using the ComPilot + and – controls.

I’m confused about the “programmes”
The forum mentions: Automatic, EasyFM, Noise, Mute, speech-in-noise, t-coil and others.

How many are available for the Nathos SP W please and how many can be sequentially selected with the HA programme button.
What is Automatic please (the NHS lady didn’t seem to know).
Does Mute shut down the HAs microphones but leave the streamer volume alone?

A question now related to my Geemark (non Bluetooth) landline phone.
It is an audio jack for a headset (earphones and microphone) that cuts-out the normal handset. It has extra amplification and tone controls. I was thinking of using this with the ComPilot but am not sure if the microphones in the ComPilot are output to the 3.5mm audio plug (and to the phone). The Geemark has a “T” capability – would this work if I get the T programme set on my HAs?

Or is a Bluetooth landline the better way to go?

Thanking you in advance for your patience :slight_smile:

You can get 4 automatic program’s which will have to be set and fine tuned by your hosp.

They are
FM euro plug
Bluetooth 1
Bluetooth 2
3.5mm plug

Mute will shut down the aid to the point that the streamer won’t work.
I have mute for when I want to sleep on the train.

When you get the ComPilot adjusted they will make the Bluetooth 1 or 2 for use with the tv and you can ask for the mics on your HAs to be lowered or turned off.

I hae these program’s but I can not access them via my HA button as they are automatic. They will only turn on the right program. So say you attach the audio cable to listen to music. The HA will turn on the 3.5mm plug program.

My handbook calls the program’s as I put at the top but my Audi describes Bluetooth 1 as the phone program.

Yes the t loop phone would work is the t coil was activated on your HAs.

I have no experience of using the ComPilot with a landline so I wouldn’t be able to help you on that front.

Went to Hearing clinic today - watched as they connected aids to PC - saw the programme choices on the left and the HA depicted on the right. Audiologist dragged and dropped my four manual choices - Comfort in noise, T coil, Music and Mute to the boxes on the right. Automatic is always there.

T coil cuts normal volume down and with my Geemark “T coil” equipped landline handset, it’s so clear that phoning is a pleasure again. I noticed that with “T” selected, in parts of the house I get a buzzing. Don’t know what causes this.

I will try the aids with the TV over the next week and if OK, will probably not get a streamer at all.

Music is a lot better and Mute is a blessing when washing machine is working.

Still have not got the full, detailed descriptions of the Phonak programmes so will post on Deaf site to see if they know.

Oh thats good that things have turned out well.

Im decided that I should not of bought the ComPilot and TV link. Its been a month and I still cant use it.

Soundflow should help with washing machine noise. Mine does, reduces the washing machine noise down but I can still hear it a bit.

Reason why you hear buzzing when t coil program is activated in areas of the house as it is known for things to interfere with that program. Thats the reason I dont use it and like the DAI option.

There are many other things for the TV as well, not just a streamer. Other options may be cheaper.