New to hearing aids

I dont know much about hearing aids and need to get one for my mom. I looked thru the forum people seem to be talking about phonak and siemens etc. The audiologist my mom went to said to get a Clear Tone aid. It is supposed to be in the ear speaker. Can someone please tell me if clear tone is any good? I really need some help. Thankyou.

It appears that the “Clear Tone” is a PAC device from Sebo-tek. They are one of the first receiver in the ear designs on the market and, to my knowledge, have been out on the market for quite a few years.

I personally don’t use this product, as we tend to stick with the larger manufacturers, as we want to ensure that they will be around for the long term to support their products.

If they offer a trial period, it may be worth a try.

Thank you.