New to hearing aids

The Audio I went to for a hearing test gave me the following prices.

$1400 for the Oticon Ino
$1200 for the Phonak Milo Plus
$1500 for the Phonak Cassia
$2500 for the Phonak Ambra

That is for a CIC prices if that makes a difference. *I was wondering if those were fair prices, and this being my first hearing aid which would be the best. *I do have meetings at work 2-3 times a week, plus at family gatherings it would be *great to be able to hear.

Thank you,*

PS: i don’t have it with me, but slope down from 45’s to 60’s.

At most places, the CICs run you a little more, and taking that into account, those sound pretty standard. I work out of Sam’s Club and a CIC will run you at minimum $1,300.

Ok. Thank you

I’d say those are very fair prices…especially if they charge more for the CIC (I charge the same regardless - just easier that way). I’d recommend if you go with the Phonak to either get the Cassia or the Solana or the Ambra…the Solana is the tech level in-between the Cassia and Ambra (Obviously…lol). I guess it would be around $2000 given the other prices you listed???

Thank you.

I was leaning towards the Ambra, but the Aud suggested the Ino, or Milo plus. He said I had 60 days to try hem out, and could always go with the more expensive Ambra if I was unhappy with the performance.

With glasses I always get back up pair, is this something done commonly with HA?

Thank you,

I would use my older Starkey Destiny if I needed a backup due to a repair or loss or damage.

I keep my Starkey Destiny 1200s handy as backups. When I was wearing the Destinies, I bought one Destiny 200, programmed for my left ear, to serve as backup.

Now I keep my old Destiny 200, with two molds, in my briefcase, just in case I have a failure when I am not at home.

wow got my cic milo plus today. The world is a very loud place. :frowning: They are on the second o lowest setting too. It is very nice to hear again though.

You will get used to the loudness in time or at least you should. Good luck!

Seems fair for me. Choose the one that suits you the best.