New to hearing aids - want CIC advice

I have just been diagnosed with moderate hearing loss - about normal at low tones, but moderate, almost to severe, for higher frequencies. It’s probably been this way for over 40 years, when I had measles as a child. I’m only interested in CIC hearing aids. Does anyone have any words of wisdom? Any to avoid, or any that are particularly good? I’m more worried about good sound quality than price.
Mutt Nut

If price is not really an issue, I would recommend either the Sonic Innovations Balance or the Phonak Savia 11 (CIC).

They both work well for high frequency hearing losses.

Just be aware that with any instrument that is fully enclosed in the ears, you will need a little time to get accostomed to hearing your own voice, chewing, etc.

Let us know how you do.

Thanks for the advice. After doing some more reading, I’m not sure the CICs would be what I want. Would my voice sound like I’ve got fingers stuck in my ears? That would drive me nuts. Maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as I think. I’ve never had HA before, so am not sure what to expect. The other kind that look interesting are the Opticon Deltas. I want something as close to invisible as possible, but that will also give me the best possible hearing. Guess I’m going to have to compromise on something. Any recommendations?

You could consider the newer BTE’s. They are not visible from the front or side views. The great thing about them is the fact that you can tune the molds to your liking as you get use to the new sounds. By that I mean you could have vents put in that have a counterbore to take plugs that have different size holes in them. This is so that you can change the amount of low frequency that can escape. I recently noticed that by adding a 1-1/2mm diameter plug to my vents, that my ability to hear womens speech improved an amazing amount. In a recent seminar, it made the difference between understanding every word from hardly making out the lecture at all. :slight_smile:

Mutt Nutt - I’m new to this forum, but I’ve been wearing CICs for many years (Sonnic Innovations) and probably getting BTEs soon because of continued decline in hearing.
Getting hearing aids was one of the best decisions I ever made … I didn’t realize how much I was missing out on until I got them!
Yes, it will take some getting used to, however, it is definitely worth the effort and you have to give them a chance! I remember the first day I wore them … my audiologist put them in, then he had me sit out in the waiting room for a while. My brain was somewhat overwhelmed - I could hear again ---- music coming from the ceiling…people talking … paper shuffling… etc… it took days for me to handle the flood of sounds I hadn’t heard in years! The improvement in your hearing will be immediately noticeable and you will wonder why you waited so long. Although the CICs are nice in that nobody really notices them, I’m not deciding what to get next based on what others see and think, but what is best for me … and, I trust and value the input of my audiologist.
Good luck, and please let us know what you end up with and your experiences.

I ended up getting Oticon Delta 8000s after talking to my audiologist. It seemed to be a hands down better choice, from what she told me about the sound quality and situations - no occlusion, no phone feedback, etc. I went back a week later and she adjusted them for me - some sounds were WAY too much - went to Sam’s Club, and it sounded as if a waterfall was in the background the whole time! Driving in the rain was horrible - WAY too much road noise! She made a few adjustments in the programming, and it has been MUCH better since. I go again next week, and will tweak them a bit more to my preferences. I’m going to see if she can turn up the volume for speech and the TV without giving me extra background noise, too. Some of it is probably just getting used to them. She said some manufacturers had different adjustments levels depending on whether the user was a beginner, intermediate, or experienced user. A good idea!!!

The Delta’s are a great choice and open fit hearing aids are often a very comfortable way to go if you are in the fitting range.

A lot of what you are experiencing is normal and as the brain adapts to the amount of sound, everything will slowly start calming down.

Great to hear you are doing well.

Ive had the 6000 for about 3 weeks now. I am going back next week to increase the volume.

Being an engineer I was wondering where I could find the technical specs for this device…

If your hearing is normal at low frequencies you are likely to suffer with occlusion, which is the sensation you get if you stuff your fingers in your ears and try to talk.

Some companies including Starkey have developed some new CICs with massive vents in them to overcome this problem, but most CICs will still give you this problem even with large (IROS) vents.

You should consider looking at the many and varied ‘open fit’ hearing aids that are out there. They are usually tiny behind the ear aids with a micro tube and a miniature ear fitting. The result is an aid that is less obvious than a CIC (for most patients) with no occlusion. I’ve had a lot of success with this kind of fitting with patients with your kind of loss.

Muttnut, you say you will only consider CIC aids and that sounds like me for several years. Don’t know about you, but with me it was vanity, just recently I have tried the BTE open ear and I think it is the way to go. I have short hair, but still this aid is practically invisible. The fact is that I just went back to work after summer break and not one person has noticed that I am wearing hearing aids. When you wear CIC you can see them. I do not mean to misjudge your reason for wanting CIC and apologize if your reason is not the same as mine was, however, do give the BTE open ear a try, think you will be happy. I am still in a period of getting them adjusted, but I do think that my specialist will get them to work for me to my satisfaction. If not, then I will be trying someone else. Best of luck in this new adventure of wearing HA and, like me, I think that you will find that it is not all that bad and you can hear!!! :wink:

Are you wearing the BTE open ear with the mike in the ear bud? I am trying out the BTE open ear with the bud and now think that I might be better with the one with the mike in the ear. Not clear on what you mean by adding plugs to the vents. I am new to all this and trying to soak up info so that I do make a good choice. Thanks for any input. :slight_smile: