New to Hearing Aids, not sure it is helping

@danhuddleston: :slightly_frowning_face: … and what about ARTILLERY, Mr Huddleston?


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I was gonna put a smart alec remark here, however; Yes, that would be one of them…

Go ahead, Dan @danhuddleston . You served … you’re good for one (one) :joy:


Hi @hass5744,

From what I understand, the testing can prove that it happened in the past, I shouldn’t have to prove it. When I was at my first duty assignment, we worked in a metal hanger, which was about 25 feet from where they parked the F117’s and did engine burn tests. It was pretty loud, and they didn’t have any hearing protection. The sound vibrated the walls. Technically I can’t prove it was caused by my military service, which is why I never pursued it. I am still mulling it over. :slight_smile:

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I’m certainly not questioning your sincerity. I just wonder how much the federal government will. Or will they for a change remember you’re a vet

It worked for me. I explained what happened. They did a hearing test before I was commissioned, and another a couple years in which showed minor loss. But nothing on the way out the door. Based on my discussion and the write up from my examiner, I got 0% disability hearing loss and 10% disability tinnitus. If you have tinnitus, don’t forget to bring it up. There is no test for it, just your description of symptoms and when it started, and how it interferes with your life.

I note that you have a 0% rating on hearing. That’s not “nothing”. It means that they recognize that you have a loss, but not bad enough to pay you for it. If you need hearing aids, “they” will provide them.

They gave me hearing aids. My VFW advisor said, “trust me, you don’t want bad enough hearing to get a disability for it.”

It was kinda a pita to enroll in the healthcare after being approved for the disability. You’d think they’d just do that automagically.

The VA healthcare has come in pretty handy with some unrelated health issues I’ve had this year. Saved me a thousand dollars on medical supplies even my excellent govt employee bcbs insurance was kinda hanging me out to dry on.


Check my audiogram. That’s 60%, only because i have very low word recognition. Otherwise it would be 40 to 50%. They have a funny way of compensating. It was that bad while I was still on active duty…

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Thank you for your service and sacrifice.


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Although it’s possible you aren’t used to your ha yet, I seriously doubt this is your problem. Since you can tell the difference with the phone streaming, you should tell the difference otherwise. A possibility is your ha is stuck on phone mode somehow. Either the phone still has connection to your ha or your ha is in a “programmable” mode that’s tied to a program other than “normal” hearing mode. You can disconnect the phone (iPhone, I assume) from your ha and try that first. Else could it be simply volume is turned down, either manually on the ha or through software? Otherwise, go see your audi to let them help you figure it out.

@WhiteHat: … and to you, WhiteHat (Matt).


I go back over this thread and I know I should have asked sooner. And maybe somebody asked and responded for which I apologize. And I’m not trying to be funny. But the op said in his original statement that it sounded like Charlie Brown. What does that mean?

Have you ever watched a Charlie Brown cartoon? Every adult has a voice that can not be understood. It sounds like waa wa waaaa wa waaaaa.

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Hi @hass5744,

This will give you an idea about what I meant. Thanks!

Thanks. But I watch TV with closed caption now. Back then or even now I never heard anything unusual about Charlie Brown. But thats me. Which is why I asked. Thank you

Hi @hass5744,

In case I wasn’t clear enough, it is the teacher as presented in the video, vices Charlie Brown himself. I can hear people speaking, but the sounds are all mixed together and it takes extreme concentration to understand, and sometimes even that is not enough, and I have to ask them to repeat themselves. If the speaker has a loud voice and/or I am in a quite environment, I can normally make out what they are saying… If there is a lot of environmental noise, they have a soft voice, or they don’t have my attention, it is often hit or miss if I understand them or not. I can almost never make what someone is saying if they whisper, unless I get in close. I too use captioning when I watch TV, as I often can’t have it loud enough to hear otherwise. Thanks!

My favorite is when I respond to someone and I can tell by the look on their face that what I just said had nothing to do with what they were saying. But I do remember as a kid Charlie Brown being kind of soft spoken so the comment threw me off. Again, thank you


My experience has been that the person setting up the hearing aid is most important.

But they have to be motivated to help.

I’ve just returned from an appointment with my new audiologist who supplied my Paradise HA’s and set them up. This was the best appointment I have had with him.

I went in with notes and comments and he listened and made adjustments. Difference is night and day.

I hope this helps. I’ve worn HA’s for about 20 years. 1 Widex; 3 sets of Phonak. I do have a lot to learn. That’s why I’m here.


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Howdy Everyone,

Thanks so much for all of the posts and commentary. I just had my follow-up appointment with my Audiologist. I explained to him what was going on, and he did a couple of things for me. First he activated the profiles for me. Originally, I only had access to P1 - General, which is supposed to be automatic. He added P2 - Speech in Noise, P3 - Lecture, and P4 - MyMusic to my Oticon More 2. I am anxious to try out P2 and P3 at work next week, as in the office they made a huge difference for me. He also recommended that I replace the wax filters more frequently. As I have only had my HA for 2 weeks now, I hadn’t thought I needed to replace it yet. It is a great feeling when you are hearing things that you didn’t even know you were missing! I’ll update more thoughts later in the week. Thanks again everyone!

Rich S.

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