New to Hearing Aids--model question

This forum has been very educational with my recent introduction to the usage of hearing aids. Over the past 2 years I have had declining loss in both ears. Like many of you Hearing and listening is an important aspect of my career. I took the leap and tries some RIE ReSound hearing aids. SO far so good–There has been some discomfort but overall my family and co-workers say my hearing is better and actually I am more relaxed at work now that I can comfortably hear everything. The audiologist didn’t tell me which model I was trying. I went home and did some detailed research and feel the Verso fits my lifestyle more that the Alera. However the model is not articulated anywhere on the box or manuals. I went through the manual in detail looking for a way to tell them apart from the Alera model. I was wondering if there is a way to tell the difference? Will the serial # on the device tell me? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.