New to HA's. who knows about Miracle Ear 16 channel In canal-$5500

I am new to HA’s and am going to try a 30 day trial with an in the canal type with 16 channel and $5500 as recommended by specialist for my type of hearing loss and lifestyle. I don’t want to spend that much but want to be satisfied. I work in office and outdoors, on phone alot, use aviation headsets, out in wind, around loud noises sometimes.
Any hints, thoughts or suggestions?

It is a personal opinion
for 5500 I would like to buy a brand name hearing aid. Which aver you like from one of the leading companies

Siemens, Oticon, Phonak, Gn resound or Widex

I would recomend
Oticon Go pro or tego
Phonak Una or extra
GN Pixel or plus 5
Widex Bravisiomo or Akia

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$5500 Should buy you the best aids from a very competent local professional with full services.

Check out the highly rated Phonak, Savia Art for that kind of dough.

Other sources of aids at discount prices are available on the Internet. is a good example.

Also check Costco Hearing Centers…great prices on good aids with fair to excellent services.

Also check out for excellent aids and super services. All the above offer 60 day 100% money back guarantees. No questions asked. Ed

the new phonaks aids are due in less than 2 weeks
i would wait to see if the savias are going to come down in price…
i would think so for sure

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I am new to this forum and hope this is helpful information. The hearing device is really only a small part of the equation. The best techonology in the world can be fit poorly and result in limited benefit, while a realitively less expensive hearing aid, fit appropriately, can be extremely beneficial. It is important to look at the features offered by the device, but more importantly at the expertise of the clinician. How much experience? What is his or her training? What are the return policies if you are not satisfied? How is the fitting verified? Etc…

Several very good products have been mentioned in this thread; however, without knowing the expertise of the clinician, caution should be exercised.


At $5500 for TWO HA’s the price is high; at $5500 for ONE you are being screwed to the wall.

See someone else.

(Hmmm, I didn’t know Costco had hearing clinics…thanks Ed.)

the new phonaks aids are due in less than 2 weeks
i would wait to see if the savias are going to come down in price…
i would think so for sure

It is my understanding that the new Phonak(Naida) will not out in the USA until Spring,2008, to be presented at show in April.
The December, 2007 release will be in Europe only.

The website does not give the specs yet.

phonak have tremenduous presuares to get a new high end instrument

Frankly, while I would agree Savia is a good instrument, the Audeo is no

innovation @ at all. Yes it has improvements but

Most manuf have already new generations of hearing aids

Some have bets on Freq transp. and others in wireless.

So the preassure for a new instrument has to be great, Im sure they

will have an excelent product, but i suspect it will not wait til AAA

the savia is bound to lower its price…

What is more intriguing is what is going to happend with prices since the

euro is to the roof now, as remember Phonak reports in swiss francs and

while most companies do hedge risk with forward contracts once they expeire

they have to get new ones. Im wondering with how the Euro is appreciating

who would take that price increse?