New to HAs.Trying to adjust to loud Oticons

HI everyone,
Thanks for having a forum available for help and advice!
I had Oticon Tego Pro aids put in last week. I have a moderate loss(65 db) and the aids were donated by the Lions Club and were re-built for my loss. They fit perfectly and I have adapted really well to the fit and sound quality. The problem is that in noisy situations like going to the grocerystore etc. the loudness is almost painful. Everything is amplified beyond my comfort level. I have an appointment set at the HA specialist to see if he can adjust the sound level a little lower. As these are automatic aids, can the sound be adjusted so that the background noises are tolerable while still being able to hear and understand others in a restaurant/ car/ etc?
I am so thankful for the aids and want to be realistic about what they can and can’t do. Should I just take them out when the sound level becomes uncomfortable or keep having them adjusted until they are better? The specialist’s office is quiet and he did not test me with the aids in a noisy setting.
Thanks so much for any advice!

have them use NAL fitting formula,
i would ask them to fit them on step #1 or #2 of the acceptance manager

Thanks for the quick reply, Xbulder!
I have no idea what the NAL formula is or what step 1or 2 is.
Could you kindly explain so I know what I’m asking for? This specialist is not particulary iniformative- perhaps it was because the HAs were donated and he did not make the extra profit- but when he initially programed them, it took a about a minute, I said at the time they were a little lowud and he did lower the volume slightly. He then gave me a box, said to use the book to learn how to clean them and it was out the door. I’d like to know so I can communicate clearly with him and make sure I understand what the optimum performance is and what I can expect from the adjustment.
Thanks again- hope I’m not making a pest of myself by asking- but I really want the aids to work well.

I forgot- the aids were programmed using the Oticon software. I saw that on the computer screen during the process. Was that an NAL program as well?
I’m going to have to be tactful when talking with him as I’m a 71 year old senior and he might resent my bringing up technical questions about his fitting.

is there a big difference between NAL and Oticon’s proprietory algorithm? i assume they still use NAL-NL1.

when do you normally use the manufacturer’s algorithm and when do you use NAL?

it seemed like widex’ algorithm was loud…but phonaks was a bit soft. :eek:

The tego has 2 fitting formulas either NAL or DSL, both of them can be fitted with either step 1, 2 or 3. The purpose of this numbers is to help you adapt to the gain of the instrument…
1 is for you to accept the instrument, 2 is for improve speech and 3 is for maximum speech understanding. Ideally, you come once a week and the gain will be adjusted till you reach 3. so that the transition from not using a hearing aid to using the aids is a gentle one…

Perhaps he just adjusted in 3 and he said good bye it is my guess

you have the right to be inform, and to be involve as much as you can…
After all, you are going to be using the aid right?

Oticon only has propietary algorithm for the High end instruments and the Delta…
Mid price instrument such as the Tego… can be program either using
DSL or NAl

This is surprising to me, I have heard that Widex had the most confortable aids out there, not so much speech understanding but a good and real confortable first fit…

i thought the acceptance manager was something totally different than the “standardized” fitting algorithms of NAL-NL1, the new NAL-NL2 (from australia), and brands’ proprietory algorithms.

i didn’t mean that the loud widex was uncomfortable. i thought that the inteo’s in-situ fitting made them ideal. it just seemed to be louder than other brands. my first impression was that it’s going to create a lot of gain junkies out there and they will be dissappointed when they try a different brand.

Thanks again, XBulder,
I sure wish I had seen you instead!
The only thing the specialist explained was the directional mike system. When I didn’t quite understand when to use beep 1 or beep 2 and asked him to please go over it one more time he became a little irritated so I’ve been trying to pick up the information on the net. Hope he has the patience to adjust the aids so that the background noise is muted to a tolerable level and I can hear conversations clearly.
I really appreciate your information!!


If they are tego, the directional microphone is automatic therefore, perhaps he refers it to a second program… Perhaps he wants you to press the switch in order to activate the second program. He had probably created a custom comfort program for those environment…

I would ask him to use, sound studio (it is on the fitting software) to make sure in the office that the aid is comfortable, sound studio contains sample sounds for in office simulation…

He told me just to leave it on the 2 beep program as the 1 beep cut out sounds behind me. I wondered if there was a program that could simuate everyday noisy situations that he could have used. For some reason, he just did not want to spend the time going over all of this. I’ll do my best to let him know I really need the assistance in order to use the aids.
Thanks again! You’re a gem!!! Wish I was in Miami instead of BC Canada-lol!

Hi Nancy

I had the same kind of problem early on (I’m about two months into my first set of hearing aids). Some sounds were almost painful, but I found that after a few days, it wasn’t quite so bad. Those sounds are still pretty loud, but certainly bearable. Your ears aren’t used to hearing all the high frequencies, and it can be a little overwhelming. If it’s really too loud, you may just be more sensitive than some other folks. Ask him to turn it down a little to help you adjust. You should never feel rushed to get out of the office, and whoever you’re working with should never get irritated with you asking questions. That’s what he’s paid for! If you’re not comfortable with him, don’t be afraid to find someone else that is more compatible with YOUR needs. If he gives you any trouble, we’ll come over and beat him up! :smiley: OK, just kidding! Hang in there and good luck.


Thanks Xbulder and Dag!
I had an appointment todayand thanks to your input I was able to go with a written list of questions to ask. I told him that although I looked like a little old lady, I had a young brain that thrived on information and wanted to know as much as possible in order to fully adapt to the aids. He took me seriously and appeared a little friendlier. He said he did not explain before because he did not want to overwhelm me with too mch information. OK, I can live with a little condescension every now and then.
At any rate he adjusted down to 2 and explained what the programs were- using only one of them for now.
I asked about simulating noisy situations in the office but he said real ife was best. In the interest of research, I headed for the mall and the grocery store and Whooppee! Comfortable sound level- what a difference!
So, no need to call in the Sopranos (lol) but if you are ever in the Vancouver BC are, the coffee pot is on!
Thanks again for the help and advice. It really helped to go in with specific questions. When you don’t know what you don’t know you can’t get the right answers. So glad the forum is available for us!!

Nancy, when i started to dispense hearing iads, there was only one way to fit the aids, if the gain was 10 you give them 10… Some clients felt overwhelm with the gain and had a lot of trouble adapting, over time they did adapt…

So some manufacturing companies, began the idea of fitting the aid gradually.
to make the process a smooth one… the end result is the same…

So i suspect this was the case with you

It seems your profession is part technical and part subjective which can get tricky n a hurry. Throw in expectations and a family and I’m sure you have lots of challenges in a day. I’m just glad that the aids are so programmable and the specialist took the time and effort needed to make me a happy hearing camper.
I now feel a lot better calling him if the aids need further adjusting in the future.
I really got lucky when the Lions Bank had these digital programable ones available. RJS Acoustic Services in Washington State re-cased and refurbished them. They are a wonderful company!
Have a great weekend!