New to HAs and my having a problem


Hi, I am trialing a pair of Starkey Livio RIC rechargeable HAs. When my refrigerator is running and I am in the kitchen I hear a grainy/static type of sound from my left aid. This also occurs when I am outside and mine or my neighbors ac units are running. Is this a noise that my brain will just have to learn how to put in the background over time? My audiologist made an adjustment in that frequency on the left HA, but it hasn’t really helped. I have low to moderate hearing loss and am 62 years old.



I’m interested to know this too, my hearing aid tech was a bit stumped when I tried to explain it to him. TV and fridge etc are quite quiet but I get quite a loud static noise near higher pitched whirring machines at work (mainly xray machines so not particularly loud)

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Very possibly it is the fact your brain is trying to figure out the sounds. When I first got aids I heard a lot of strange sounds. Some became normal sounds and some just went away.

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Thanks so much for your reply. I appreciate you sharing your experience and encouragement with me.



That’s got to be a bit hard to work under those conditions while your brain adapts. My refrigerator is the main source of this problem, although the upright freezer, on a softer level, causes the same thing as my fridge when it is running.

I just don’t understand why it’s only the left HA. Of course that is my worse ear, so quite possibly that’s why I’m only experiencing this with the left one. I have an appointment in the morning with my audiologist. He has a Master’s Degree and has been doing this for 24 years. I know he is capable, and will figure this out. In the meantime I have to work hard not to let this excessive noise drive my anxiety levels upwards.



This might be “out there” but in the unlikely event a telecoil was installed in either or both aids, they will pick up all manner of interference. I remember when mine were turned on, I could walk down the hallways at work and “hear the electricity in the walls”. Sounds crazy, but telecoils are like a poor crystal radio tech-wise.

Sounds like you are describing interference to me, in that some part of the HA circuit is picking up the noise various equipment makes. Maybe make a list of all the things that you hear that seem like interference (meaning things like “near fridge”) and have your audiologist send that to your HA manufacturer.



Hmmm, I just checked online and the Starkey Livio HAs do have telecoil. I will address this with my audiologist at my next appointment which is on Monday. I am wondering why the left aid is possibly picking up on interference but the right aid isn’t. I would have thought that they had both been manufactured the same way. If I remove the left HA, the noise stops, so the right aid isn’t giving me these types of issues.



Could have been enabled by accident in one of the settings for one aid. Do you have other programs you can select by pushbutton?



These are the top of the line in the Livio HAs. They can do so many things, and yes, I can program them if I want to. But I don’t really want to do any self-programming. I just want to put them on and go. So I haven’t fooled with them at all except to put them on and take them off and set them in the charger. I’ve had them for 8 days now.

At first my audi had given me two programs to switch back and forth with to see which one seemed to work better for me. After two days, I went back and he took off the “Home” setting and left the"Everyday" setting. He had also put a “super boost” setting, and he removed that as well. The Super Boost made my anxiety go through the roof You talk about audio overload. lol