New to buying hearing aids

I am a bit confused but am gaining from these forums
i am 66 and retired
I have mild rising to normal hearing at 1000hz sloping to a moderately sever sensor hearing loss for the right ear.
I have mild rising to normal hearing at 1000hz sloping to a severe sensor loss for the left ear.

============= AUDI re3c phonak eleva 2 for $ 4,200

ask for the phonak extra with thin tubing or::::

oticon delta 4000 or tego bte with corda
GN air or GN pulse or pixel

I’d recommend an open fitting bte. In fitting a hearing loss like this, I wouldn’t worry too much about the 35 dB thresholds in the lows. Most speech energy in that frequency range is more intense than 35 dB and in order to increase those lows, there would be some upward spread of masking that might hurt you at 1000Hz. An open fitting hearing aid would probably do a very good job with that loss by restoring audibility for the HFs and improving speech clarity without blasting you with volume.

upward spreed masking means that the loud sounds of the vowel
masks or hides the softsounds of the consonants which are needed
for speech understanding