New to buying hearing aid please

I need a CROS hearing aid . Iost all hearing on my right side and only 18 percent in my left . I was told by mircale ear I needed a CROS over hearing aid . It didnt come rechargeable and needed batteries. and it would cost a almost 6,000… I want Hearing Aids but I’m lost… Can anyone help

I’m guessing the cost is an issue. I don’t know for sure if Costco does CROS and BiCROS, but if you have one nearby, they’ll give you an honest opinion and their prices for hearing aids are great. I’m no audiologist, but I think BiCROS is what would be appropriate. Here’s a link that describes the difference. CROS and BiCROS Hearing Aids | Audiology I have no experience, but from reading the forum, people’s experience with CROS and BiCROS is mixed. It’s possible you might be happiest with just a hearing aid for the left. Assuming you aren’t a Veteran. If a Vet, contact VA first. If not a Vet and no Costco nearby, I’d see if you could get a recommendation for an independent audiologist (not affiliated with just one brand, like Miracle Ear. Do you have an ENT? If so, that would be a good person to ask. Also the Hearing Tracker site has some info on local audiologists.

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I would look into Phonak, much more affordable.

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Yes thank you I meant BICROS. Money is tight but ive been saving so I have enough but I want to make sure what I am gwtting and looking for advice from people who wear hearing aids .No offense to those that dont but it just seems to make sense to talk to people who actually wear hearing aids and know the struggles. I looked for a costco in maine and I cant find any . we have a Sam’s club and BJs. I would go through my ear nose and throat Dr but once he heard my insurance didnt cover a hearing aid he all of a sudden accused me of faking it, this after seeing me for three years and sayinf I had right sided hearing loss and did a trial of a hearing aid.

Phonak …who carries those ? Sorry like I said very new to this although lost hearing 4 years ago it has been very hard

Phonak is a major name brand. Pretty much anyone would carry them.

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Yes, I see you’re in a Costco free zone. Quebec, New Brunswick and Vermont though.

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If Costco suits your needs you should look at the differences between their policies in the USA and Canada. One example is the trial period: USA = 180 days, Canada = 90 days.

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I agree - try Costco first. The Costco brands of aids are rebranded aids from major makers so you do not get less quality aids from Costco. By and large, all aids are the same, one the same feature level. The difference is in how they come pre programmed form the factory. That is, is the programming the factory does on your aids best match your type of hearing loss. MI is notorious for poor after sales service, so my advice is to find another audiologist…

When you buy an aid - the audiologist is just as important as the make of the aid - if the audiologist is undertrained or just in it for the money. then you will have problems if you need to get your aid adjusted after the first fitting. And this applies to CI’s as well.

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Keep in mind Costco versions of hearing aids are missing features, make sure it’s not one you care about.

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There are only two features missing in Costco aids in general that I am aware of:

  1. Remote Adjustments via the cloud
  2. The Tinnitus feature that only works for a few

Comparing that to their cost of $1800-2600 against $6200 is a massive benefit difference.

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Hopefully I dont invoke the wrath of admins here, but you can buy the name brand hearing aid version of the costco hearing aid at the same price.


I wear hearing aids for moderate loss, but my wife has lived with total loss in one ear and moderate, now severe, loss in the other for 35 years. See an independent audiologist who fits the Phonak brand. The consult should be free and then you can decide what to do. We’ve had Seimens and Phonak over decades. She’s sometimes had two hearing aids and sometimes one. If cost is an issue, a good one is better than two cheap ones.

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I do not see online prices anywhere near $2600 for Resound Linx 3D 9s. There is also a difference in the service one receives from a brick and mortar store. I won’t claim one is better, but they are different and to claim equivalence for the overall experience is misleading. I personally think you are pushing your luck with Abram.

Please direct your comment to the online sellers section for a response to the pricing.

As far as service being the same, I disagree. We have a local hearing aid center. Everyone gets the same service, online or local. One is just there in person, one is on the phone. Personally I don’t see a difference. I’m sure others might.

As far as pushing it, should I just sign up as a personal account instead? I’m not here to make sales, I’m here to post my opinion.

Thank you all for all the wonderful advice . I will check into Costco and a few other places as well. It is so nice to talk to people who get what I am going through thank you again for taking the time to help me