New To BAHA (Need Information)

Have been wearing HA’s for the past 10+ years. Also have had (3) cholesteatoma surgeries in my Right ear. Due to continued ear infections in my Right ear, I have stopped wearing my aids- This is due to wearing ear molds and the ear staying damp, I have tried wearing domes but I get a lot of feedback and have fired a lot of receivers due to my ear damp. I profound hearing loss in my Right ear.

ENT said that I could try a BAHA but my hearing in my Right ear is out of the range of a BAHA, but she is willing to let me try it and see what I can hear from using one. The other option is a CI, but I was told that the Right ear would have be closed up. Then every three months they would have to open the ear and check to make sure there is no infections. So I choose to try a BAHA instead.

I hope the BAHA works for me, I’m tired of not being able to hear out of my Right hear for 10+ years. Reading lips and guessing what people are saying isn’t working for me.

I’m very new to BAHA’s, I would like to know what is like to wear one and anything I should ask when I go for my appointment.