New to Aids, Bass frequencies help for Music


Okay, first things first, I suffer Recruitment so for a large portion of my life, I have avoided hearing aids. (30years and I was born deaf.)

However, I am now trying to use them because apparently they can help better these days in regards to Recruitment (although I know I’ll permanently need subtitles for Films/TV all my life.)

Secondly, I am aware that it’s going to take my brain some time to get used to all the louder and new sounds my brain has never heard before.

But here is my question:
I was generally told from the later part of my life, “get digi aids, get digi aids” as they can be finely tuned.

So after taking the plunge a little earlier this year, I got a pair off the UK NHS.

But there is one problem… I can no longer enjoy music the way I did before. I will stress that WITHOUT my hearing aids, bass in music is pretty loud and I was comfortable with that, I was hoping that now with the aids, I could get to hear more of the higher instruments with bass included. However this isnt the case. I can no longer hear the bass in music when my aids are in.

So I thought of asking the Doctor to up the lower frequencies somewhat, but was told that it doesnt work that way? Is this true? I thought digi aids could be finely tuned??BUT having said all that, If I put large over ear headphones around the aids, I hear music exactly the same as without my aids, so why can I not without the headphones? - Do I need to turn up my subwoofer? Which is on setting -30 BTW out of a possible -40 to +6 range, without my hearing aids, that subwoofer is plenty loud enough without my aids at -30, I dont want to upset my neighbours by turning up the Sub.



Is it possible that you are unconsciously trying to get the music back to where it was, rather than where it should be?


Hiya, What I mean is, EVERY song now sounds ‘Acoustic’ Its like they’ve yanked the drums and the bass guitars from every song on the planet, I want the bass guitars and the drums back!


If you have high frequency hearing loss then you are used to hearing music more bass-heavy than normal and hearing aids will sound “tinny” for a month or more. Eventually you will, probably, appreciate the new sound.

Music does sound different to me than before hearing aids, but I do enjoy music, and that’s the bottom line. Lyrics make a lot more sense now too. :grin:


Aye very tinny, However I did put in the OP, that I understood this, as was explained by the docs, but like YES I hear music more bass heavy, but again explained in OP, that I suffer recruitment, meaning some sounds are twice as loud, considering I have a high frequency loss, its the low sounds I have… Now these hearing aids have done wonderous things like making me be able to hear a plastic bag rustle from 5 miles away, and speech is louder, but nothing really that much beneficial… Speech is still garbled and I still need to lip read and have subtitles for TV. I still cannot understand radio or train tannoys whatever!

I just want my drum and bass back.

Could hear drum and bass fine without the aids, with them in, I cant! Every song sounds like its JUST done from a keyboard.

I have been wearing hearing aids since March, its December now.


What brand of aid are you wearing? Are your domes open or closed? Post your audiogram


The aids are Phonak Nathos Auto M’s with ‘Skeleton’ moulds and I dont have my Audiogram to boot, They’re at my mums and she lives over 70 miles away.

I cannot find a good Audiogram tester online, if you know of one, be very helpful, closest I can get to is this:

I couldnt hear anything on the 8K hence why it bottoms out on the chart. And I had in-ear phones on maximum volume.


I have age-related high frequency ski-slope hearing loss. For me, if I use an external hi-fi system with a subwoofer or I use decent over-the-ear headphones, I can hear much more bass than I can with my open-dome hearing aids alone. If I go to my Music program, I hear music overall better but, unfortunately, also any background noise. Mark Chambers gave me an excellent suggestion that works with the car radio and any external (to the HA’s) source of music. Turn the volume of the music source up and the volume of your HA’s down, relatively (but don’t overdue the volume increase to avoid hurting your hearing). This strategy helps make the source of what you want to hear (the music) relatively louder, when amplified by your HA’s and detected through open domes, than what you don’t want to hear (the noise). For me, using over-the-ear noise-cancelling headphones to boot also helps considerably - my main use has been hearing speech better in noisy environments like my local Gold’s Gym.


My loss is largely higher frequency. I have a music program which minimizes digital processing (feedback, compression, etc.). I can adjust the overall level of the aids when listening to music in order to have a bit of equalization. Turning the aids down lowers higher frequency relative to lower frequency.

However, the music program helps restore some of the overall dynamics of music and make is sound more natural. An important component of making music sound good again.


Should note that with car hi-fi system, TV center amplifier, and headphones that I can adjust relative bass and treble output, too, to my liking. I’ve done that with the car system in the past just to get more bass than I was hearing over road and engine noise so that might be a “solution” for anyone who wants to try to get more bass to their ears, especially if one still has some low-frequency hearing and uses open domes (don’t know about the effect if one has a recruitment problem).


Hmm, my Audiologist didnt even bother with a “Music” programme for my aids, just left me with a singular setting. I’ll try later when its not 4am of the trick to turn aids down to allow more bass through, so I’ll have come back to you guys on that another time.

For Car radio, my in car system is max bass/min treble already… maybe the same volume trick works here too?

Thanks your getting to me peoples, I’ll try the volume thing at a more appropriate hour and get back to you when I can.

(huh… why didnt I think of this?? I could turn the treble down on my blinkin’ hi-fi system!! I’m going to kick myself now…at this time max treble and complaining the sub is too loud for neighbours when i coulda reduced treble and thus not needed a higher sub output to compensate, jeeze I am a thicko LOL… I blame 2 decades of having max treble without thinking treble could be changed. Remember I am new and I used to live in a world where I had to minimise low frequency but maximise the higher, because lower is too loud once I can hear the higher, This is why I fear for the neighbours when the hearing aids stops me hearing drum and bass… its already loud enough for me WITHOUT my aids, what about the neighbours? How do I TELL when its too loud for them?? Is it the same? Or louder for me? I CANT TELL BUT I’d imagine thats the same for everyone of you thats born deaf That STUPID question of “how loud it is” when you have no frame of reference to what is normal hearing in the first place and yet audiologist get angry at YOU… (This is where my recruitment comes in… I have no frame of reference to what is quiet to one person vs what I call loud, and vice versa, something so quiet to me but they hear as normal.)

Anyhoo I will try all stated options and get back to you when I can see if anything helped the most.


When I was 2 and a half yrs old, Doctors in Bristol UK, did an audiogram and declared That I’d need hearing aids and thus was fitted with them at that age, My mum, saw how much I was just screaming in pain with them fitted, and thus refused to have them fitted on me… These Bristol Doctors said “Your child needs them, he cant talk, needs sign language, and needs hearing aids to cope better in life” - My mum refused and said that I WILL talk, and WONT depend upon hearing aids… Well my mum then got sued for child abuse… HOWEVER the court judge ruled in favour of my mum and thus since then, havent worn any aids, as in those days, they were analogue aids… As for the no talking aspect. I talk so well, no one knows I’m deaf unless I tell them! So what do doctors know??? (I lost my dad during the court cases, he couldnt handle the stress of potentially losing me, had a heart attack.)

Have aids now 28yrs later cos kept being told they now factor recruitment in, and are programmable, but im seeing little evidence of this if been following my posts.


Glad I stimulated you to experiment. Perhaps because my hearing is different from yours, my suggestions may not help. The fact that I have open domes - sound can bypass my HA’s and hit my ear drums directly and stimulate the relatively good remaining low frequency hearing that I have may explain in good part, I think, why the trick, originally suggested by Mark Chambers, works for me. There is a lot of good stuff on this forum, some of it going way back (2009 and earlier), so if you search with the right words, you may find some info relative to your situation. I’m a not very knowledgeable new HA wearer (only got mine Oct. 24th, 2018) so it would be great if there are other more knowledgeable folks on the forum who can help you if they happen to read your post. Good Luck! And if you discover something that works for you, I’m sure you’ll help out other future users by letting us all know.


Okay well, here is how it is, not 100% perfect, but I turned down the cinema system, put each speaker on -6 (min allowed) except for the sub, which I placed at -10 on its settings over a range tg -40 to +6

Havent turned the volume down, but at least ive got my drujm n bass back turning everything else down, but bass only slightly up, I think the neighbours mat be okay with this level.

I must stress, my bass IS LOUD and I dont know whats normal for other people. How would I know my bass is too powerful? why else BEFORE aids I had my sub at -30 out of a -40 to +6 range?

I mean -30, sounds very quiet, but it was loud enough for me, hence having trouble with my aids but I have found now my solution (turn treble down) IN FACT this new solution means I cannot hear any treble without my aids via this new set up, they NEED to be in lol.


I turned down my speakers to MINIMUM treble after being +max treble for everything all my life, and only turned up my sub woofer from -30 to -10. Music is much better for me now. I can finally hear the drum and base.

So for a lesson to others asking the same thing…

Turn the treble to MINIMUM, it sounds counter intuitive but just do it. And place your subwoofer mid-range.

As for neighbough loudness, without my hearing aids all I can hear is the sub, and its at an acceptable level, put my aids in, I can hear everything else.


I guess asking the neighbors about loudness is one way to go. Another thing that you might try is to get a sound meter app for your phone. Check it out a bit to see if it gives reasonable readings. I guess if the neighbors are in an apartment complex, it could be hard to judge what they’re actually hearing through the walls or the floors but if it’s between houses, you could always go outside with your phone sound meter app and check it out yourself or if between apartments, at least go out in your floor hallway and checkout what the reading is through your own apartment wall into the main floor hallway.

BTW, on hearing noise from other apartments (shaggy dog story), once upon a time, the wife and I lived in an old apartment in upper Manhattan in NYC. A teenage girl lived with her family directly above us. She liked to turn on a radio in the bathroom when she drew her bathwater - with pipes or tile in the bathroom, it was easy to hear the music above. One day she must have gotten distracted by something else. The bathtub filled to overflowing, the water ran across their apartment floor, found a way down into the lathe plaster of our apartment ceiling and a 20 or 30 lb chunk of good old-fashioned water-soaked plaster crashed down into the central hallway of our apartment shortly after my wife passed by the spot. The chunk probably would have killed her if it had hit her on the head. So we called the super. The ceiling was fixed and painted. The family above lectured by the super. But for years after that, every time we heard the tub water running and the radio playing, we held our collective breath. So sometimes even when the music coming through the walls isn’t very loud, it can bring painful portents! Maybe if you just play “feel good” upbeat music (and don’t leave any tub water running), the neighbors will enjoy whatever comes through the walls. I used to work in a lab and the folks next door like to play ABBA loud, especially on Friday afternoons (Working for the Weekend?) and I used to rather enjoy the music as it drifted in through the ventilation space in the ceiling between the labs.


I think its okay, I had it way louder than this without my aids in for years and they never complained. I live in an old Victorian house converted into flats.