New solutions for Tinnitus ? Need some help


I’m new here, so hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m a professional musician, and have Tinnitus since 2000, I have managed to live with it, but since last year my Tinnitus becomes more and more difficult to live with it. The Tinnitus I have is a high frequency around 10000hz but since a few days I have a new one that’s more like a morse code sound, and honestly I am completely lost and don’t know what to do …

I read a lot of things and solutions, but don’t know what is scam and really working. I’ve also read about new genetic treatments, but what would you suggest me to do ? As a musician, this is really frustrating and at night I have issue to sleep.

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as far as I know there is no really new treatment that really works.

I also have a long-time high pitched tinnitus (around 6 kHz) and suddenly started to get a much louder, deeper note (around 3 kHz). I also sometimes had some “beeping”.

I also started suffering from hyperacusis, so I went to a doctor and he recommended hearing aids. The aids lessened my hearing-strain, and the other symptoms were reduced (they are not completely gone, but good to live with).

I think that there are many users here who can tell that after getting used to hearing aids, the tinnitus got better.

If you do not have any hearing loss, matters are different. So my first question: Do you have hearing loss? If so, how much? Which instruments do you play, are you often exposed to loud sounds? Do you have other hearing problems like hyperacusis or not understanding people or else?

I do not work as a professional musician, though I studied music (piano, voice and guitar) and know a bit about the things that trouble you.


thank you for your kind and informative answer.

I’ve a big hearing loss above 6Khz but I’d need to see if I can find the paper from the doctor to be precise, but the hissing is (from personal testing with sound generator) around 10Khz, and just like you I have the impression I hear other frequencies now and then coming in and some beeps etc. I’ve been thinking to stop playing live, even though I have very good ear protections since years. In some recent cases I have found that I have hissing that doesn’t come from hearing loss but from simple computer ventilators or noises in the house, as if my brain or ear records those sounds, and then plays them back, very odd. I understand what people say, so the doctor said I didn’t need any aid for now. I have to say that I have had a LOT of sinusitis infections in my life since 40 years and that I have used ear plugs to sleep at night the last 15 years too, which have made things worse too.

Do you use your hearing aids at night too or how do you handle the hissing at night ?

Regarding new treatments, how is research going regarding the newer genetic solutions ? I read about it everywhere since two years, but can’t find any info if they already started to test on humans ?

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Most of my issues are in the speech range, and that is also where my ringing issues are at. I describe mine as white noise but I am not so sure that is really it.

Try , you can find some advices there

This is what I know that makes my ringing worse, caffeine, my allergies to cedar, to much salt, diuretics, and any kind of pain meds. So in a way I have no relief. I do not drink tea, or coffee so that helps, and I do not eat out very often due to the salt that all of the eating places believe that have to scoop in the food they cook. And as long as I do not get too much salt I do not need diuretics to lower my BP.

My BP is naturally low, so the salt isn’t of any issue here, I think mine is most due to music and live playing and recently also stress … really not sure anymore. I don’t drink cofee, few alcohol, and have a quite good food regime with lots of vegetables, and drink a lot of water too, very few fat, I do some sport too.

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thanks for that link!

I don´t wear my aids in the night. I think there are some people who wear their tinnitus-maskers in the night.

With hearing aids, you can do the following:

  • hope that the tinnitus will get less if you wear them. This effect is persistent in a way that the tinnitus is also less when you don´t wear them
  • use a tinnitus-masker (there are different ones, I think widex is the company with the most experience in this field)

I read an article about that: The human ear and brain is not made for complete silence. Thousands of years ago, when people were sleeping in the wild, there was always some rustling, animals and so on. No complete silence, never. If you encounter complete silence, the brain is making off some noise - there you have your tinnitus.

With my hearing aids, I hear the fan of my pc, the clock ticking, my clothes rustling and so on, even if it´s quite silent. Also I don´t have to strain myself to understand people. That´s what I think is why my tinnitus got better with hearing aids.

As for gene therapy, the scientific papers reported some progress in making nerves sensitive to light. This way you can implant a much finer grained cochlear implant that emits light, not electric stimuli.

In my opinion, gene therapy is still very experimental and very risky. I´d consider it only if it´s a matter of life or death.

Is your tinnitus worse after gigs? If so, maybe the ear protection is not as good as you think. Also, you cannot protect yourself from very low sounds, because they come in through the bones.

Here in germany we have a professor for music-related illnesses, maybe you find something like this in your country. Also it would be a good idea if you find the exact amount of your hearing loss.

Good luck!

I just saw that you are from france.

Freiburg is not far away, have a look at this:

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Thanks for that link!

Very interesting to read about your hearing aids diminishing your tinnitus, if I could have it less agressive especially at night, that would be great, during the day I have learned to live with it, but it’s during the night that it causes me the most issues. Also the fact that I used ear plugs during the last 15 years is not good and your info about the brain compensating silence with sound is right on that, I think it made my tinnitus worse after all.

Yes when I come home from gigs I can clearly hear more tinnitus, or better said louder. The ear protection I have is made by a professional and is very confortable but I think that my ears are very sensible right now and that the smallest amount of noise is already enough to make things worse.

It would really be good if they could find a good way to repair ears, because it’s a real pain to live with.



Just pointing out that some hearing aids have tinnitus masking built in. Tinnitus masking was initially the reason I talked about hearing aids. Tinnitus was my initial impetus.

Thanks, I’m going to check with an audition center here in France and see how much costs these hearing aids with built-in masks. I just spent another night without sleeping, since two days my ringing is becoming so hard that I can’t sleep and have the impression getting nuts, what a nightmare this tinnitus, and why I get this new additional tone on top of my high frequencies ringing since a few days is a mystery to me, I wasn’t exposed to any music over the last months, but had a terrible sinusitis which started this new frequency so I have the impression the issue is more related to that then loud music :frowning:

You would not wear your hearing aids to sleep so I suggest you do like I have used for a very long time and that is a sound machine for your bedroom. I sleep with one all the time even when I travel. You can adjust the sounds and the volume to what you desire.
I find it to be a great way to sleep.

Ringing is constant since I was a child and did not know others can not hear it. I most likely would feel lost without it.

That being said I have tried many different supplements and vitamins and forum that the only relief it to the pocket books to the charlatans selling the stuff or writing useless books.

My Audi claims that if I got the masker it would just be more noise that I would need to hear over and not worth the investment.

I find that the masker helps but I don’t know if the hearing aids without the masker would also help although I suspect they would. The masker in my aids gives white noise which you really don’t notice after a while.

Ed, there are free tinnitus apps from all the major vendors available. If you have streaming available, you can try any number of them to see if you’ll benefit.

My hearing aids do not have the masker in it but I do have the streamer and an app on my smartphone that I stream the white noise to my hearing aids when I need it. But most of the time instead of the white noise I will stream so music and that is even better.

Thanks for that link, will check it out :slight_smile:

That is a great suggestion.

It may pay to give it a try I use the Rexton Onyx currently with a minitec