New Seimen PURE 501 Carat RIC

I am trialing the New Seimen PURE 501 Carat RIC. The speech in recognition is good, but the noise program is terrible like I hear million of chicken in the background. I could not understand young waiter in the noisy crowd.

I heard Widex HA brands has good reputation on reducing noise in noisy place like restaurant, bars etc.
Should I try Widex clear 440 before buying Seimen PURE 501 Carat RIC?

Your advice would be appreciated.:slight_smile:


You should try because obvious you are not very happy with them.
Better try if you can than later banging your head thinking widex would be better.
From what i see on this board, Siemens aren’t great in noise.

I found it strange that you found phonak not good in noise. Did you try stereozoom?
Agils was also very good in noise…

Your professional should be able to adjust the Siemens. That was one of the things I liked best about Siemens, great speech in noise ability. I had two settings, one for regular noise in restaurants, and one setting that was actually for wind noise outside, the nature or outdoor setting, and it worked great for speech in very noisy backgrounds. I found I could hear better in noise than those with normal hearing. So it is all completely adjustable. It may take a few adjustment sessions to get everything just right.

Yeah I tried stereo zone and did not work in the noise. We found out the brown size 10 battery voltage is not powerful enough to handle this function for my severe hearing loss. I believe this particular model is great for the mild/moderate hearing loss.

Did you know I am the second person in the whole USA ordered this model!!!

Seimen sound great in omni sound in program 1! After seeing my audiologist, he rechecked the directional mic on program 3. I went inside in the very noisy sport bar not far from his office around the corner and found its working. The only thing is I find the directional sound is too metallic.

I will go back to him for re-adjustment.
Can this be adjustable?

Pure carat comes with battery size 13 not 10.