New Rexton model at Costco?

Was at Costco today and looking at brochures. It looks like the Trax 42 has been replaced with a TrueCore model. It looks like it is available in a BTE and some sort of in the ear aid. There was a model name but it escapes me now. My take was that there was no longer a RIC aid which makes sense as that is the KS7.

Was back at Costco today. It’s called the Legato. Comes in BTE and custom. A CIC is available in custom. Seems to be same as KS7 except available in BTE and custom.

How is it different from KS7, I wonder. Why would they create a different line

When the KS6 was the KS aid, Resound aids were the same (Lynx) platform but made available the BTE and canal aids. It is likely that this deal is part of the private label agreement.

KS7 is only available in RIC. From what I can tell, the Rexton Legato is available in BTE (but not RIC) and some sort of in the ear aid. Pure speculation, but I’m guessing like to keep the KS7 simple with no BTE or in the ear and they wanted to keep the Rexton line going with those other options. They both use TruCore (sp?) technology.

My Costco audi told me that KS-7s are coming out in a variety of other formats.

I am trying out the Legato from Costco. Periodically it makes a 4-tone chime, very similar to the Close Encounters greeting. There is no explanation in the manuals. Any ideas?

These are always fun to sort out. Sometimes it’s not the aids at all but some new sound you can hear. Also possibly a phone notification. Only sound the aids should make without pushing a button is when it has a low battery.

Were you a prior client or is having brochures available an American Costco thing? Until today, I had never stepped foot into a Costco store. I never agreed with the concept of paying to be a customer. I went in specifically to check out their hearing aids. There was a small window counter with some prices and aids. No brochures for hearing aids seemed to be available. They did answer some general questions. A hearing test 10 days from now would allow for more questions and specific answers. I have to admit that the price point of the KS7 seems enticing. Grabbed a copy of the Costco/Capital One MasterCard brochure - there is no mention of extended warranty like the Costco / Amex I’ve read about here. On Edit: I found the terms and conditions for the CapitalOne Costco MasterCard for the Canadians here: That indicates that they double the original warranty for up to two years.

Extended Warranty Coverage is only available when the full cost of personal items with an Original Manufacturer’s Warranty valid in Canada is charged to the Account. Benefits Extended Warranty Insurance is available automatically, without registration, to provide You with double the period of repair services otherwise provided by the Original Manufacturer’s Warranty, to a maximum of 2 full years, on most personal items purchased new and charged to the Account, provided that, in all cases, automatic coverage is limited to Original Manufacturer’s Warranties of 5 years or less. Extended Warranty benefits apply to any parts and/or labour costs resulting from mechanical breakdown or failure of a covered item, where such obligation was specifically covered under the terms of the Original Manufacturer’s Warranty. Extended Warranty benefits are limited to the lesser of the cost to repair or replace or the original purchase price of the eligible item, including applicable taxes.
On edit #2. It seems the stores here in Canada differ. My sister is a Costco regular an hour from here. I asked her take a couple of pictures of the products and prices displayed there. (I took notes on the KS7 but should have taken a closer look at the other offerings). Lo and behold she came back with a handful of brochures. So they will give out brochures without an appointment. Seeing there is such a difference in staff, I will have to check out the other 2 stores that are about the same distance from my place.

Brochures have been available in the 2 USA Costcos I’ve been in. The USA Costco credit card with the 2 year extended warranty is a CitiBank Visa. I belong to Costco strictly for the hearing aids.

Ask your audi or Hearing Aid Fitter/Specialist if they programmed these beeps in. I did find I was hearing beeps I never heard before. Mostly coming from wife’s phone!

That’s a bit of a problem. If it were your phone, the solution is pretty simple. You would either turn off the notifications from an app or set it to buzz. She might be able to change the ones she isn’t dependent on.