New receivers and custom molds

Hi all! First post here!

I’ve worn aids since I was about 5. Going from full shell analog all the way to RIC.

Right now I’m wearing Starkey Halo IQ that I got through workforce rehab and was starting to have difficulty understanding again but the volume was as high as it could go without feedback. So I went back to the audi and did a new audio gram (in profile).

He updated the prescription and suggested 70db receivers and custom molds so I went for it. That was in the beginning of March before covid really hit the fan. I finally got the receivers yesterday and it’s amazing how much more I can hear.

One thing is the earmolds are unvented which he did cause I have the volume so loud, he said that was the best thing for the amount of feedback I was getting. The occlusion is pissing me off though. Generally I understood that venting was normal and it’s what I was expecting. Am I wrong? Should I ask him to redo the molds and add a vent? I don’t think he can drill them since my canals are so small and the receiver is huge.

This guy doesn’t do rem or anything like that, to my knowledge the only place that does within a two hour drive is Costco but buying new aids at this point is not possible.

Many thanks!


Yes I would say you need at least a very small vent in both molds. But I am not an Audi just some one that has been wearing digital aids for about 15 years.

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RIC aids are nice if your canals are big enough for the receivers. If you don’t have room for the receivers and proper venting you need to go to BTE aids.

Good luck

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I have severe hearing loss and I have ITE custom HA’s…had Starkey and now Resound. Originally I had them with no vent and beside the occlusion effect I was feeling pressure in the ear. The HA’s where remade with a pressure vent and that made a big difference. And had no adjustment needed for feedback in the higher frequencies. Starkey is said to have the best feedback management features in the industry. I see two options…first have audi check to see if the low frequencies gain can be lowered to account for the occlusion effect…or have the molds remade with a pressure vent. It is easier to plug a vent then to drill a vent in a custom mold.

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Thanks for your responses.

I’ve been wearing my aids with no vent for 8 days now and I hardly notice the occlusion but the pressure still gets to me.

I think I’m gonna ask them to be remade with a pressure vent.

Overall I love the higher dB receivers and the custom molds are much better than the rubber tips.

I have used BTE and RIC, both with vents. I am now back to BTE and await my custom earmolds. With both I have use small, 0.8mm, vents. Most of the modern HA’s run a feedback calculation that manages feedback quite well. Occlusion now seems to be less of a problem, but the vents definitely make the ears feel better.

My low frequency is similar to yours, but my HF is worse. It is the lower frequencies that result in feedback issues. You can easily tolerate a small vent in a custom mold. I too have a small canal, and still find a small vent in the RIC manageable.

I figured I should update this since it’s been just over a month.

I have gotten used to the occlusion completely and have mostly gotten used to the pressure feeling.

The bass response is very good but cuts off around 85hz. So I’m missing a lot of stuff in movies and music but my speech comprehension is great so a trade I’m definitely willing to make.

Need some adjustments on the high frequencies but hearing better than I ever did. Just took some getting used to.

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How do you know where exactly it cuts? I’d like to learn more about how to test such things.

And I’m surprised to see it’s so low, I read somewhere that 100-120 is lowest HAs produce/send through.

Good stuff on your experience, glad it worked out.
Yeah, HAs are definitely a compromise.
However without them we don’t have anything really useful, so between useful with ‘not quite great’ and ‘can’t understand a thing’ I think we don’t have to think too much :joy:

The crossovers for my subwoofers are at 80hz and I get next to nothing from them. Doesn’t matter if in my truck or at home. I feel it but don’t hear it.

If I change the crossover to 120hz I get sound from the subwoofer.

If I have my hearing aids in but turned off then I get some rumbles but not actual sound when the sub volume is turned up.

Aaaaaa wise! And there I thought that you have some special equipment and wondered if I could use it :joy:

Thanks for sharing!

No I don’t have any cool toys like that just a crossover. Keep in mind that crossovers don’t mean exactly 80hz but in the area.

Both the subwoofer in my truck and the sub in my bedroom are both at 80hz and I can feel the bass but can’t hear it. Vented molds would fix that but now I’m not sure I want a vent since I’m used to the sound how it is now.