New Phonaks and bluetooth weirdness

I have new Phonak Audio M90-Rt’s with custom high power molds. Like them a lot so far, but there’s a couple of weird things happening. When using my iPhone some apps (solitaire for one) cause the volume through the aids to diminish. As soon as I quit that app, the volume setting restores. It’s almost as if the aids shift to telecoil setting, but of course I can’t check because if I go to the phonic app, the change goes away once I leave the solitaire app.

I have a number of other questions which I hope you-all won’t mind if I post later.

The Bluetooth connection between your aids and phone is engaging when you play solitaire.
Try going into your notifications and turning solitaire off.

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Yeah, bluetooth weirdness - I had a different, but I think related, weirdness yesterday. I have a new bluetooth remote speaker that I was using to play music from the music app on my iPhone. So, both the speaker & my HAs were connected to my iPhone. sometime the sound was great, sometimes the volume changed, when I got out of range things got weird. Eventually, I disconnected the HAs from the phone and all was good.

My understanding is any Bluetooth classic will fight if two devices are connected at the same time. The idea is to push one button and shut down Bluetooth on the device you are not using.

I use an iPad and an android phone. I only have Bluetooth turned on with one device at a time. Have zero problems using this method.

Thanks for the suggestion. However Solitaire already had notifications off. :roll_eyes:

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My Samsung 9 does this too. I try not to play with the phone when I am using the iPad or watching TV with the TV connector.

I found they’d do it with certain websites too, like the Med-El forums. It’s pretty weird. It’s probably because of the ads that the solitaire app is using.

Or the solitare has music, even if it’s turned off, it affects the stream.

Only way is to close the media stream part of bt connection. Or whole bt connection.

This explanation makes sense to me, although seems like the Phonak software could be designed differently however.

It’s Bluetooth classic…

It’s not an issue and this can be customised to your preference.

By default when Bluetooth streaming occurs the hearing aid microphone level will drop by 6 decibels.
Some clients like this and some dont as it cuts down the surrounding noise.
You can’t change this on the app, so ask your audi to set the mic input to 0dB on your Autosense steaming programs and you’ll be in business.