New phonak Naida V90 UP


Just got these Naida V90s a week ago. Have a lot of feed back in the left. Right ha has no feed back. I have the Icube II and can make adjustments just not sure what to look. Thanks in advance for any help. I had Brios 2 and got these Naida V90 from the VA. i went to VA because I felt like they are better equipped to handle profound hearing losst. Did not know before I could get hearing aids from VA.


Found the problem. The noise block set too strong in all the programs. Here is my thinking that the computer in the ha got a shock to too much noise ie running a loud tool in a small room and recalibrated the noise block to strong which caused too much feedback in the left ha.


NoiseBlock wouldn’t cause the HA to feedback.


Did you run the feedback and Real Ear test before working under AudiogramDirect? Noiseblock will not cause the feedback.


I did not work under AudiogramDirect??? Not even sure what program that is. And no I did not run the feedback and Real Ear Test. The NoiseBlock in all the programs was set to Max. I reduce the noiseblock in all the programs to weak.


My question is; if the noiseblock was set to max and all the programs what would the response of the ha be?


You are not using the Target fitting software properly. You could damage your hearing by using incorrect settings in the Target fitting software.


NoiseBlock set to max would just block out more background noise then if it was set to weak.

You seem to have little knowledge of the Target Software. Be carful that you don’t damage your hearing by using incorrect settings.


I’m not sure you understand the phonak software either. It seems as though the os in the ha did go to max after there was too much background noise automatically but then stay on max setting and then all background noise was increased which blocked out the other programs and made regular noise too loud.


You are trying to program your aids without training of the fitting software. Phonak in their pro website has the guide document on how to use the Target fitting software. There are videos you can find online and in phonak on how to use the fitting software. You didnt run the feedback test before you do any adjustments. You could be damaging your hearing loss due to lack of training of the fitting software. The V90 is a very powerful aid.


NoiseBlock doesn’t automatically adjust depending on situation.

You must of forgotten what you set NoiseBlock as.

You do seem unaware of what the HA can do.


I suggest that you make an appointment with your VA audiologist and have the person program your aids. You have no knowledge of what your new hearing aid can do. You can’t play with the HA settings since you have no training on how to use the fitting software.


I don’t know why you are trying to terrify this guy. You all had to learn to use the software. None of you made a mistake at the start? Give him the audiology site where he can learn the basics. Or are you saying that limited skills compared to a trained fitter disqualify everyone else including you?

I doubt he’s that different from most who go DYI. You get the equipment and have to try it before you do the full courses that go over how to use it. Looks like you’ve determined he isn’t as smart as you. Really?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t or can’t set your aids properly. I am saying there is a learning curve you all go through. Gently explain that to him instead of telling him he’s going to blow the ears off his head.


@KenP I think what they are trying to say is; >cringe image deleted<

Make an appointment with the VA to correct your feedback problems. Meanwhile heed the warnings that come with power hearing aids because they can further damage your hearing.

Also look into the free educational webinars mentioned above. Here’s how;

  1. Click any pvc Avatar
  2. Click pvc’s main thread
  3. Scroll down to Free Education, then Click the Phonak Target Fittiong Software link

Here’s a picture of how to do the first two clicks;


To properly sort out your feedback issues you need to re run the feedback test on both ears.

You also need to re set the NoiseBlock settings to what the software suggests.

Then after getting used to the HAs, you can then fine tune the settings.


The guy never did any feedback test and never heard of AudiogramDirect. He needs to download the Target fitting guide and follow instructions along with videos of how to properly set the hearing aid.


Okay, its Christmas Eve and I was not going to react to what is being said about my DYI experimentation with my of adjusting my ha and maybe damage my already fragile hearing, but here goes it. I had wore phonak Naida Q50 from 2014 til summer of 2017. That is when I tried the Phonak Bolero B50 13. My private sector audiologist gave me a two week trial with the Boleros and it was like the difference of night and day with my hearing. The problem I had was that the volume it was so loud and I would turn it down. After two weeks trial, I asked for an extension because I realized that my brain was not acclimated to the different loud volume. I wore them for another week and give the Bolero’s back. Did not want to pay the extra two thousand over my ins. Then I found out about Costco from this website and I jump on their phonak Brio 2 675. The audi at Costco had me go with the 675 because of the more gain with bigger battery. The problem with Costco in my opinion is that they do save people $ big $ but there is nothing free in this world, right? The Costco audi are overloaded and again in my opinion do not have the time to deal with profound hearing loss. So I’m not worried about damaging my hearing with ha out of adjustment. Because of information from the website I went to VA to find out if I qualified for ha and I did. After reading several responses on the website and not liking Costco deficiencies concerning profound hearing was ready to DYI my own ha. By the VA in my area is considering remote ha fittings. Hope they get it soon. I know, I’m writing a book but Phonak really makes it easy to get around with their software and make adjustments. These Naida Vs are incredibly advanced over the the Naida Q. I’ve had these Naida Vs for almost a month have not made a lot of adjustments because my brain needs to time to acclimate. Did have to make an adjustment right after I got them because the noise inside the truck was really overwhelming. I probably will go back soon to make some adjustments and to find what is going on with the left side. Right now the ha are really bellowing loud and I’m listening to Christmas music from another room. Really nice to be able to understand music, the church lesson, talking on the pho with an assisted bt device or understanding what being said on TV. With the Naida Q there was no understanding any music or pho conversation without an assisted bt device. I don’t know how much longer I will be able to do this but is really wonderful at this moment. Thanks for listening people.


my wife has the Naida Q 90 UP. she has over 100 DB loss and the aid is set to the max. I have the Icube and Target and have been programming it with no problem. The audiologist we been going to did a very sloppy job so I encourage everyone to learn to do it themselves.

In the process I discovered that music is very distorted. My wife listens on headphones on tele-coil. I can hear the distortion myself very clearly. It’s like an extremely scratchy record. Her previous aid, the Supero, does the same thing.

So I’m thinking of getting her the V 90 UP. Do you find any distortion when listening to music? How close to the top end of volume are you?

Another reviewer said with this aid you have to have the mic on with the tele-coil. Is this accurate? That would be a great disadvantage. Also that the programs can’t be set manually — it’s all automatic. She has great feedback problems. We’ve given up getting ear molds made by the audiologist. I make them myself using earplugs in a very complicated process but it works if I do it right. Thanks for any information anyone can give me on this.


The Naida V 90 UP is one generation back now as the Naida B 90 UP is out now.

I wear the Phonak Naida/Sky Q70 UP and don’t find music too bad at all.


yes I know about the B, but the V is available from a place cheap online. If it would solve the problem.

But how high is your loss? My thought is that the hearing aid is just overloaded at maximum volume and the more powerful aid might resolve that.