New phonak custom solution?



Phonak are making some noises on social media about a new custom solution, apparently the “next level of customization”, and coming soon.

Anybody know anything about this ?


Guessing it’s related to their new wireless solution that should be announced in a few weeks and launched in early September. Here’s a little bit bit of a tease from Phonak:

I guess this is “good” marketing, but I find the lack of details annoying.



Thanks. That hadn’t occurred to me. I can see the picture (see tweet that says “Next level of customization coming soon”), here:

and I thought that they were doing something novel, like embed it really deep. But you are right, it must be something like nano wireless, without a streamer - which fits into the other announcements so far, about direct connectivity with the Audeo. And yes, the tease is annoying.


A lack of details seems to be an industry standard. That and all the cutesy marketing names makes it very frustrating for a consumer to compare across product lines.


Virto B,non titanium


biometric calibration


What is that ?


In the simplest term, I’d guess adjusting your aids to your audiogram. :slight_smile:


Woo woo.

Where do I sign up for a pre-order ?