New Phonak Certena

My demo pair of Phonak’s new microCertenas arrived today … and I fitted them (with standard tubing and earmoulds) to a client an hour later!

I was impressed … the client’s face lighted up when I turned them on … an effect which a couple of other higher-end aid models were NOT giving.

Could be a very useful mid-range (6-band) product especially if you want iCOM Bluetooth and all that high tech stuff … although I will probably focus on the more advanced 16-band Versata or 20-band Exelia.

I am really interested in trying the exelia…I have a progressive loss and i now have to get an ha for my left as well (it was only the right b4) and as dispenser have u had any trouble with your clients liking them or anything. My loss is
Freq. R L
250= 50 45
500= 50 45
1000=35 30
2000=35 35
b/w =35 40
4000=50 35
b/w= 50 35
8000=50 40

Have you done any Verstatas? I am curious about the specs on them as they were recommended by Hearing Planet, but can not find any. i.e. the amplification range.

I’m currently in evaluation period w/ Exelia HA and have both low frequency and high frequency loss, should I ask to demo the Concertena and Versata as well? I’m in USA and thinking these products were not available when I started out. Sudden hearing loss and this will be my first pair of HA.

I had allergy to the custom silicone earmolds and well as polyethelene, but I’m having good success in tolerating the power domes. Next we will try acrylic molds.

I never got a soft mold my audi only likes working with the acrylic molds so that’s what i have. I like it haven’t had any probs with them:)

How do u find it helps your loss and have u had any probs with the exelias?

I think my probs w/ Exelias has strictly been in programming. However, I did have one pair that seemed to have a few odd things going on and we switched to another set. One of the “odd” things is that since I didn’t need a special program set up for phone use, I was depending on automatic switching in the Exelia and would just answer phone. Have to use rt ear for phone even w/ HA because just too deaf in L for speech recognition. So the rest of the day that pair of HA would stay quieter in rt ear, even w/ doing reset. Also that pair of Exelia did not seem to automatically change programs depending on circumstances I was in.

Once programming is more appropriate for me, and particularly when I get the acrylic molds, I think I will be very happy with the Exelias. (Stay tuned…this audi has never done castings because first we wanted to dry the domes to see if all else failed if I could wear those, so she started w/ the Micro Power by Phonak, and I got along fine but not good audio quality, which again may have been more of a programming issue than the HA.)

I’ve just fitted a pair of microCertenas to a steeply sloping loss.

They worked perfectly from the first second, and the customer has gone off delighted.

The software even recommended open domes - which surprised me as I was except tulips at least to avoid feedback risks.

I have supplied a KeyPilot as part of the deal as the customer didn’t want any ‘fancy’ remote.

I would have preferred to supply a SoundPilot - but there is no option for that in the software …

I forsee great results from this model …


Would Certena fit to my loss?
Or other Phonak?
Especially Eleva 211? or 311? Extra 311?

my two ears are kind of the same:

250: 30
500: 40
750: 45
1000: 65
1500: 75
2000: 85
3000: 90
4000: 95
and falling into abyss…


I just received my Versatas today. Mine are CIC’s so adapting to the occlusion factor was an issue. However, I have been using CIC’s for about 8 years now. My first set were Rexton’s I think. They were purchased from Costco. Technology sure has changed. I purchased my Versatas from Hearing Planet about 15 days ago and stuck 'em in my ears this morning. After about 6 hours I have already become used to the occlusion issues. First thing I noticed was the feedback cancellation. It is fantastic. I can use a variety of phones and headsets pressed right up against my ear without feedback. For a guy that’s on the phones all day, this is a blessing. I cupped my hand against my ear and it doesn’t squeal. My speech recognition is noticeably better. With the Versatas, i was able to recognize 19 out of 20 words that the audi had me repeat. She was standing in another room, 15 feet from me and was walking and turning around to test the directional issues involved in sound recognition. 19 out of 20 was impressive. You go have someone perform that for you and see if you can discern, ease, each, thigh, feet, sheet, she, sight etc. I put my old aids back in my ear and I quit after missing 3 out of the first 5 words.

As for my experience at lunch today, I’m on the fence. My wife and I ate at a restaurant called “Freebirds.” It has a Chipotle-like ordering format. So while I was at the counter talking to my burrito maker, my wife to my left and some lady on my right were all barking their orders and taking suggestions from their respective burrito makers. This was all occuring in the confines of a 3 foot radius…plus the restaurant background noise. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I felt like I had to focus on my helper in order to tune out all the other conversations that were happening around me. I was hearing too many words, too clearly, from too many people. It wasn’t typical ambient background noise. It was words and conversations all at the same loudness, all within the same distance from my ears…so it was tough picking out only the words that were designed for my “burrito.”:o

Now, what I can’t tell you is if the hearing benefit I am experiencing now, required an outlay of $4,000. Could I be experiencing the same marked improvement with a much less expensive aid? Who knows? But what I do know, is that when I turned on my TV’s this afternoon, somebody who wasn’t wearing Versatas last night had been watching the tube. :wink:

Jeez, you must be an Austinite as well.

If you’re speaking to me, yes, I am. How’d you know?

Freebird. Weird commercials.

I have fitted my first Versatas today … the Versata P BTE power model.

Another instant success … I think!

As for price: I charged USD $1792.32 for the pair, fully fitted.
(A strictly one-off price, I had bought in the stock by accident, and I need to top up my bank account before the Christmas/New Year ‘gap’ hits!!)

I am getting my versata p bte’s next week and i am paying 1700 after the govt pays for some for my left as phonak is paying for my right as a “free upgrade” since my una sucksss and my insurance will pay up to 500! soo here’s to hopin i only have to pay 1200! i am excited to get them! woohoo