New phonak ceramic housing

Phonak introduces high-tech ceramic housings

With Audéo S SMART now available in high-tech ceramics, Phonak is combining superb performance with luxurious appeal.

Stäfa, Switzerland (January 24, 2011) - With the introduction of the worldwide first high-tech ceramic housing, Phonak once again leads the way in the industry by addressing the end-user’s even most demanding needs for high-value, durable, comfortable and cosmetically appealing hearing aids. The slightly greater weight supports the added value feel of these new deep black hearing aids compared to polymer housings.
Based on their unique properties such as extreme hardness and high mechanical strength, excellent biocompatibility, esthetic appeal and thermal shock resistance, high-tech ceramics are being used for example in the luxury goods industry as well as in aerospace applications. Phonak is very proud to introduce this first class material to hearing aid housings, available for Audéo S SMART at two price levels.
The extremely durable, abrasion-resistant surface ensures a scratch-free shine that lasts for years. The polished finish makes the housing smooth to the touch and offers unmatched comfort when worn behind the ear. Another feature of this fantastic material is its ability to quickly reach and maintain body temperature, thus preventing perspiration behind the ear. Last but not least, the hypoallergenic properties make the material especially kind to the skin and make ceramics hearing aid housings very hygienic. Lotion, sweat and other daily influences will not alter these qualities.

“With our new high-tech ceramic housing, Phonak once again introduces a significant innovation in the industry”, says Valentin Chapero, CEO of Phonak. “We’re very excited about this new product and strongly believe it will create a real buzz. Our hearing aids have never looked more valuable and stylish as they do now. Next to excellent functionality, this is what the end-consumer is ultimately looking for”, states Chapero.

The small and elegant hearing aid Audéo S SMART was the obvious choice for introducing the high-tech material into the Phonak portfolio. Audéo S SMART is part of the award-winning Audéo product family, a collection of tiny and stylish hearing aids with the power, flexibility and durability to fit different hearing needs and lifestyles - and now empowered by the newest Spice technology. Audéo S SMART delivers top hearing performance and unlimited connectivity, is easy to use, is built to last, and now, with high-tech ceramic housing, will have a high-value appeal and be eternally beautiful.

at my recent appointment I inquired about the ceramic version of the Phonak Audeo S Smart IX’s.
My audiologist said she called Phonak and they said all of the IX’s are ceramic.
I don’t believe that!
Isn’t it just a special black ceramic case…only in deep black??

Anyone know how much upcharge over a regular S Smart IX??

You’re right, it’s a special case.

I have no idea what the charge would be in your area though.

It is Phonak’s premium hearing aid in an ultra premium ceramic case. This hearing aid feels truly solid compared to everything else I have handled.

Due to the type of enclosure, there are no repairs done to these hearing aids should anything inside go wrong. They will have to send you a brand new hearing aid.