New Phonak Cassia CIC SP,, Disappointed!

Hi everyone,
after using Bernafon Symbio ITC, for the last 4 years, I thought of getting new HA as technology became much advanced…
I made some research through this forum, and found that some brands are considered top like Phonak, Oticon, Siemens,
My requirements are relatively basic, as my priority is the shape (ITC) and natural powerful sound…
This week I got my new Phonak Cassia CIC SP, but
I must say power is quite enough for my hear loss, no complain about that, but sound quality is shocking, very robotic, far away from being natural, like old transistor radio, of course my Audi promised to keep adjusting, and the usual “it is a new sound to ur brain, and give it time”, but I’m not optimistic at all, adjustment will not change the characteristic of the sound I guess,
One more thing, all HA I got for the last 12 years have the same whistle when I put it in my hand or near the ear (but not in the ear), but this Cassia has a strange voice like a running grinding machine, could be a factory defect???, or this is normal with Cassia, please anyone who is using Cassia may advice in this ,

i’m located in Dubai, middle east, and choices are limited in this part of the world…

My audiogram:
L 80–75----85—90----95----95----95—110
R 60–70----75—75----70----75----80—100

I have a slightly less severe loss than yours, only slightly, and I wear the CIC SP Phonak Solana. The sound quality is very good, and I can wear them for most situations. However I also have a pair of Oticon Spirit Zest P hearing aids, and the sound is more more rounded and the bass is more full. I think in all honesty that we could be expecting too much from such small devices. Most audiologists I speak to would recommend a BTE for my kind of loss, although some have gone for an ITC as a starter trial.

Maybe the Phonak ITC SP would be a better fit, although more noticeable. Otherwise an RIC/BTE aid would be the way to go.

Well here is a processing dilemma, Simbio is a channel free which means its
filosopy is signal preservatio- but phonak sound recover is quite the opposite
therefore, either- you give a try to get used to or get a bernafon channel free instrument
which it is @ all price levels (inizia 1, inizia or alternative try an agil or agil pro from oticon.

Based on your hearing loss, I would advise you stay away from the ITC/CIC hearing aids, simply because of feedback(whistling) issues. I would highly advise you consider a power Reciever In Canal type of hearing aid. Power, performance, options, and selection will all open up for you should you go this route.

As for the mechanical sound from the Phonak, you are not alone in this perception, especially since you are used to a Bernafon hearing aid.

very true, you need a more powerful instrument

one small suggestion

With SP aids particulalrly a CIC i would try asking whoever fitted it to change the fitting formula — the default Phonak one is not always the best for power fittings — try NAL which will give a flatter response a little more mid and low and may help the robotic sound

Its worked for me in the past …