New Phonak Audeo Paradise HAs

I qualify for hearing aids due to loss of hearing from exposure to noise. Phonak Paradise hearing aids were supplied. I have had Phonak before; I’m happy with the audiologists skill, and hard work to get me new hearing aids. Paradise with rechargeable batteries and bluetooth connectivity to my work cell phone.

I’m about a month in…so far I’ve experimented with regular maintenance. Cone replacement. Wax guard replacement–and that’s been difficult for me. I’ve messed up putting in the wax guards.

Today I had my first follow up appointment with my audiologist. He hooked me up to his computer and asked questions…

He suggested that I use the programs built in and experiment with settings. I’ve only done that a little bit. Ive used the automatic program almost exclusively. I wear my HA’s 15 + hours a day. Often 17 hours.

My wife says I’m talking very loudly. Furthermore, I’m not hearing her (not listening to her is how she put it.) She also says I’m talking loudly.

Question: does dome size affect how I hear myself talk? I have been using the smallest domes I can; shaped like plugs.
Tonight I put the largest domes in that I have.

Please help. I’m not used to the Paradise hearing aids yet. I want to hear better.

Toronto Ontario.

I believe this was answered in the regular forum.

The domes you use are very important to how the hearing aids are tuned. Domes/earmolds affect how much sound you get at the eardrum big time. Feedback is also affected by domes or acoustics.

Your hearing loss is right at the point of needing custom earmolds or at least double domes or power domes. If the domes are changed on your aids the aids need to be retuned by the fitter. This is pretty important.

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How do audis decide whether you should wear a dome or an earmold?
My Costco audi did not suggest an earmold and seemed surprised when I mentioned it. I came away with a tulip dome, but I think Im going to ask to try a mould.

The rule of thumb for earmolds is 40 db loss in the 2000 hertz area.

Another thing is if you have feedback issues trying to get prescribed gain.

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So that is me then?
I don’t have feedback.
What I have is not being able to understand mask wearers standing right next to me, never mind at the back of the classroom, and distortion. Without masks, I still need to be close and be able to lipread. the Costco woman is saying that they can’t do much more (after only a second virtual meeting), as if she trusts Target and REM to do what can be done.

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You might want to start a new thread.
We are highjacking a thread.
Others might help you too.


All the comments help. My last audiologist–about 7 or so years would send me out the door without setting the domes properly. I compounded that myself. I hated her choice.

I went back to open domes from power domes. Told her I had; told her I couldn’t hear with the old HA’s set up as she had.

Fast forward—new Audeo Paradise HA’s. I’m using some of the assortment of domes that my new audiologist gave me to try. I’m back to the open domes that are larger—I had tried the small ones…comments at home with the tiny domes in was that I was talking obnoxiously loud. And I couldn’t hear with the tiny domes. I had chosen them because they were the least intrusive. they didn’t itch.

So I have the domes in that the new audiologist set up my HA’s with. I haven’t been accused of talking too loudly lately.

Raudrive it’s ok–any information I see here helps.

I work in a school board that’s second largest in Canada. I get to be in a class environment often as an observer I lipread too. So I’m sensitive to the situation that dawn works in.

dawn I think that the most critical step is picking the right HA supplier. And how they set up our HA’s is critical. And finally, setting them up is a process.

I’ve had two visits—first with them set up for me. Then a month later a visit to check how I’m doing. I had trouble putting the wax guards in. dawn those little things are easily plugged with ear wax. The holes in them are so small! Have you changed them?


Hi Dave,
I am so totally frustrated at work practically all day every day. It is horrible. None of the aids I have tried have come anywhere near allowing me to understand the kids or my colleagues with masks on.
Ive just started with Costco so I will give them some time to try to improve things. I had a virtual appointment today and they made some adjustments which have got rid of some painful sounds I was getting. I will stay with them regardless because of the cost - 650€ instead of 3500€ I was quoted on average in the other shops. They know I have Target software and seem to be open to giving advice if I decide to try to make some adjustments.

I don’t suffer from wax btw :smiley:

Raudrive - I wanted to ask how do you decide what type of mold is best? Costco have suggested a hard skeleton which is not what the Widex shop made for me which is a little vented hollow plug type.

It has been said profound hearing losses benefit with silicone molds, they seal better.

Otherwise any earmold that allows you to get the needed gain for your hearing loss without feedback is what you want. Pending on your hearing loss you may need more or less sealing area of mold. Do a Google search for earmolds. It will help you understand there are different types and styles of earmolds. They each serve a needed purpose.

Looking at your audiogram the skeleton, simi skeleton or maybe best would be the canal lock in hard acrylic or soft silicone would be a good choice in my opinion.

If you ever get a set of properly fitted earmolds it just might be amazing for you.
Good luck.

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dawn Costco here isn’t very helpful. Friends buying glasses haven’t been well looked after. And they only just started selling hearing aids in Canada.

I think the most important part of hearing success is having a good care provider. My last audiologist I fired after over 5 yeas of bad service. My new audiologist is very, very helpful. I asked an expert at work to recommend someone. I work at a large school board. My expert is now a friend. She looks after children with hearing problems.


Hi Dave
Im starting to think Costco here arent very professional either.

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dawn my take: treatment for my sleep apnea and my hearing loss both suffer left in medical hands.

I’ve had to search to find a good forum for sleep apnea. I followed recommendations there and my treatment has improved incredibly. My Sleep Doc from H*ll retired. Thanks heaven. I’m finally starting to feel better, and I’ve been compliant for about 35 years.

Hearing. I’ve had HA’s for about 20 years. First was a disaster. Second set was wonderful after I found an expert at work that provides care for children in the school board I work for. However, that audiologist sold her business…the next recommended audiologist provided terrible care for over 8 years, and sold me my second set of Phonaks. BT70’s. I regularly told them that the hearing aids didn’t work. Turns out that they set them up very poorly.

I have Phonak Paradise HA’s now. Brand new. And a new audiologist provided them for me.

I considered COSTCO. and decided against them because at the time I didn’t know anything about the hearing aids they supplied.

Part of the decision was that COSTCO only recently started selling hearing aids in Canada.

My first Widex hearing aid was awful; I could only afford one. It actually was painful to wear.
That’s when I realized that finding a good fitter was key to having good treatment. Call it 15 years ago.

That’s why I’m here. I registered a long time ago. But about 6 months ago I realized I needed to take control and source out a new audiologist and work to get new hearing aids, or at least have my existing ones set up right.

I don’t have enough experience to help you resolve your problem. However, I think that if yours are properly set up you will experience better hearing than you are now.

I wish you luck. Is there another fitter at the Costco you go to?

I’m frustrated right now…after about 6 weeks use. This is a tough journey.

I’m keeping a journal now on my phone so I can communicate better with my audiologist.

I’m having trouble using my Phonak Paradise Hearing Aids. The small wax guards challenge me. Today I was told that I was hearing very poorly. I hadn’t responded when I was talked to.

A day or so ago I changed my wax guards and domes. When I took the domes off I saw that one wax guard—the left one was askew. It was plugging the speaker in my ear.

I took it out. In fact I took both wax guards out. And put both domes back on.

I’ve called my audiologist. He will see me beginning of next week. In the meantime I’ll use my hearing aids without wax guards.

I never had an issue with the wax guards on my B70 hearing aids.

Has anyone resolved this issue themselves?


Follow up.
I changed to closed domes (from open domes) It made a difference @Raudrive you helped me a lot.

I’ve learned a bit about my hearing aids. I was quite ignorant before.

For instance, I now know that if I save the Auto program with changes, it’s no longer the Auto program. If I saved it during quiet times, if I’m in a noisy environment then it no longer adapts. So doing so my take is my smart hearing aids became dumb hearing aids.

My goal is to have hearing aids I can put in my ears, and let them do their thing. I have quite a ways to go. I just want them to work. (I find if I use a saved program battery life isn’t as good. )



I’ve reached out to my audiologist. He’s setting up an appointment. He’s amazing.

Right now I’m listening using the auto program (quiet environment) with a notch or two of “Dynamic–Increase Soft” on the app. That means the HA’s are in dumb mode. They’re locked in quiet environment with settings for that environment.