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Having just signed up for the site, it looks like it might be helpful. However, the sign up is very poorly organized. You get an email to authenticate your account, then are redirected to the site when clicking the authenticating icon. That brings up what is referred to as your profile which is empty and has no suggestions on what to post other than comments about yourself which could result in a variety of responses. Frustrating. Help and suggestions about how to locate introductory threads that are bound to exist. For example, even this post has listings of “Uncategorize” and “optional tags” at the top, totally meaningless to a newbie.


Is this the first online forum you’ve ever signed up for?

New forum format

Absolutely not, but the worst of many.

New forum format

There is certainly a learning curve - much like learning about hearing loss and hearing aids! Welcome anyway. One thing you will find is lots of helpful friendly people. The forum transitioned to this site a while back so a lot of us had to learn how to do things afresh. The search function can be quite helpful.

Most people find it useful to post their audiogram because you can then see if someone else with a similar graph is having particular success with something you are looking for information on. It may also help others answer any questions you may have. Country of origin is also helpful for comparing costs, service and insurance issues.


Different forum software behave differently. Same forum software administered by different people can behave differently.
Just the way it is.
I think the default list here is all the latest posts in almost all categories. You can view by category if you like too.
Some people like using tags. I never do. Can’t be bothered.


I’m quite an experienced Internet user and computer user since the days of IBM mainframes and punched cards (and learning to program in machine language in a high-school summer course in 1964). I started using the Internet in its infancy running the original Mozilla browser. I’ve even been a forum moderator years ago at a site specializing in smartphones, too.

IMHO, it says more about you than this forum to show up and announce it’s the worst forum that you’ve ever been on. If that’s so, I’m not sure why you’d want to hang around. Maybe you’d find other forums on hearing aids more to your liking and wouldn’t have to struggle with your perceived shortcomings of this forum.

Don’t want to get into a flame war with you but I think that if you take the time to appreciate it, you’ll find this is an excellent forum. As with all forums, there is a culture and sometimes it takes some adjustment. So maybe give it some time and you’ll find there are a lot of benefits to be derived from being a member here.

I’ve been a member of some pretty rigid, highly organized forums where if your post is out of line, the moderator immediately deletes it. If a post is off topic, the moderator moves or deletes it. Every single post has to be on-topic and in the most appropriate spot in the forum. The idea being to maintain a highly rigid, highly structured formulaic site that all users have to fit into - or else! Thank God this site is not like that. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve probably come to the wrong site. I think overall the forum members are great, very polite, very helpful, and a lot of us are really getting on in years, have really been around, and enjoy a laid back, helpful mood, and even entertaining off-topic posts that digress from time to time from the real point of interest in a thread.

You can always ignore what you don’t understand or don’t have any use for. For most of us, our main interest is all that we can learn about HA’s here from other tremendously experienced users and the exact mechanics of how the site works may be great to some, perhaps in need of improvement to others but I think that’s an incidental concern to most of us. I myself have found the site pretty helpful in searching for stuff, etc. Hope you find things work better for you in the future and if your view is correct, there must be a lot of other sites that would suit you better right off the bat rather than single-handedly taking on this site and trying to reshape it to a way that would suit you best. My own lifetime experience is when in Rome, do as the Romans do… :slightly_smiling_face:


Jim Lewis: I am sorry if an honest response offends a very experienced internet user and one who has been involved in it professionally. I have found, as many others, that some people like that become very impatient with those of us who are not as experienced. I do not appreciate your very unwelcoming response and will take your advice and not post in order to avoid offending you.


Go have a look in your medicine cabinet. There should be a pill bottle labeled “Chill”. Take one.
I don’t think he was at all offended. You came on here full of negativity. I thought he responded and explained quite entirely respectfully.
Oh well. Takes all kinds.


Hey Teachers, Leave those kids alone!


Hello everyone,
This is my first time on this forum. I sure hope that there is more information than the interaction I have seen for my first few minutes. I signed up hoping to learn more about my hearing loss and ways to get around my challenges. I truly would rather not having to read “one-upping” emails. We all struggle-let’s help each other instead.


Long before I posted anything, your second post in direct response to z10user 2 was:

Your opinion of the forum of all the many you’ve been on? So that’s not “unwelcoming?!” “Howdy, folks! BTW, the site stinks!” If you just meant the sign-up process, it would be good to specify that in offering the follow-up as it’s not clear what you’re referring to, exactly, in your second post.

Since you were replying to z10user2 and his phrasing refers to forum, not the sign-up process, most people would take your reply to mean that it’s “the worst of many (forums),” not the “worst of many (sign-up processes)” - seems to me to be someone who’s loose with words and feelings and then tries to wriggle out of usage later. One thing I was lectured on once upon a time is that in saying something, at least in an employment situation, you are responsible as to how the meaning might be perceived and even misconstrued by the listeners - and it’s your responsibility, not theirs in listening and interpreting, to be as clear in your meaning and intention as possible so that it’s very difficult for your meaning and intention to be misconstrued. It should be easy to mend fences and start over in a happier way if someone is looking for things to be happy about, rather than things to be unhappy about.

I think that it would be great if anyone reading this does not take it, at least on my part, as trying to “one-up” anyone but rather general advice to anyone participating in the forum based on my own “don’t ask me how I learned that” advice on the speaker’s, not the listener’s, primary responsibility to be as clear as possible in meaning and intention - BEFORE the fact, not AFTER the fact, e.g., your first impression can be your last impression, etc., as I have learned upon occasion.


I’m so glad this isn’t the first thread I saw on this forum. It’s freakishly untypical.


Stop playing silly buggers and leave the new guy alone. He’s not even posting anymore.

Maybe go look in your own medicine cabinets :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Not sure how you concluded that: (both below about 12 hrs ago)




My 2 cents: Delete this thread and give the new guy a chance to start fresh. We all benefit when someone posts their hearing issues.


Good idea. But just for the record Lewis didn’t do or say anything that should have been taken as offensive.


Skip this stuff and search up the things you are interested in. This thread is not typical.


I withdrew my previous post when I realized that the OP posted his concerns under “Forum Support”. Obviously it was addressed to the IT folks and NOT us users!


I would just like to say that I find this forum extremely friendly and helpful. Thank you to all that provided great support to me a few months ago. I keep viewing, and don’t need to post (often) but wanted to express my gratitude to all that were so helpful when i was asking questions given the negativity the conversation took.