New Oticon OPN1's for $2600?

Several people on Amazon are questioning it and the seller’s answers are confusing - but the seller does have a 5 star rating. If valid, I’m PO’d since I recently paid more than double that!!

For informational purposes only; not an endorsement or recommendation:

It looks like the 100% rating is based on 1 review dated April 2, 2018. Plus they have only 1 pair available.

This sets off warning bells for me.

That’s for a single aid. $5200 if you are talking 2 aids.

It’s not just 1 pcs/pair; there is only 1 seller available who sells condition “new”. At the moment “hear for ear” can sell 8 pairs. And of course there is only 1 rating, because it is a new seller. But you’re right: your bells should ring.
Look at the “Customer question & answer”-section. HfE’s answer is: “pair oticon opn 1 price 2600 usd”
But I can’t imagine that this is a serious offer, it’s way too cheap.

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Last we heard Oticon were trying to prevent the sale of their products online so you would have to question things like warranty and service on anything Oticon which is purchased online.

With a wink :wink: and a nod :money_mouth_face: maybe?