New Oticon Opn S Hearing Aid



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Dave’s perspective here Oticon's Opn S Hearing Aids Improve Speech-in-Noise Understanding


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10-15% incremental improvement of the OPN S over the OPN is fairly modest. One would hope for something more significant after 3 years. Well, at least I don’t feel like the OPN is becoming quite obsolete yet in light of this new release.


(15% increase in speech understanding resulting from +3 dB stable gain at high frequencies because of a slightly better feedback manager.:wink:)


Another new Oticon hearing aid, OPN Play


My guess is this is just an incremental play, hence the “S” suffix just like how Apple adds the “S” every other year.

I don’t doubt there’s is some incremental improvement in their tests in the upcoming S model. The big question is how noticeable it would be to people. My guess is it won’t be noticeable enough to justify an upgrade for existing OPN owners.


what??? That’s crazy!! (I’m gonna have to ask about this once it comes out next month!)


About LEDs on aids… A couple years ago I was a tour guide at a park in Arizona. A fourth grade class came on a field trip. One girl had aids with blinking lights on each. I did not ask her what the deal was.


Both Phonak and Oticon pediatric hearing aids have lights. Especially for younger kids, self-report on dead batteries can be poor.


Some features can be added by firmware update for old Opn’s - " *Previously purchased Oticon Opn hearing aids will need to be upgraded to support the new fitting features. This is done by using the Oticon Firmware Updater tool, which updates the hearing aids to the latest firmware released in 2019.1."


Sadly I don’t think you will ever get a job as part of the Oticon Marketing team with that sort of Language Neville :wink:


Some new content has surfaced:

New rechargeable solution for Opn:

Opn S product info:

Technology level comparison: 200105uk_pcs_opn_s_1-2-3_h1_2019_kitenet.pdf (206.1 KB)



Missed when the OPN S LED is supposed to be on. But the rechargeable Quattro’s 9 61’s have a LED at the top of the body near the receiver attachment point (just behind the most forward mic). The LED blinks in different patterns when you turn the Quattro’s on or off. I like that since I don’t like turning the HA on or off while wearing it and listening to and counting any damn beeps. The LED blinks steadily when the Quattro’s are in the charger case so you know that they’re actually charging and you didn’t run out of juice in the battery pack charger case, forget to plug it in, or what not. When you are connecting up a Quattro to a Noahlink Wireless with the Smart Fit 1.3 software, you can command the left or right HA LED to blink to confirm that you’ve got the physical left and right correctly hooked up to the virtual left and right in the fitting software (ignorant enough not to know why this isn’t a done deal with the hardware since, for instance, the receivers are color-coded left and right, but maybe it’s just a way of double-checking that everything’s hooked up the way it should be and no wires, metaphorically or otherwise, are crossed anywhere along the line).


Hahaha, I’d be awful. “This is a great hearing aid that we released in 2016, but it will not make you see God. It’s still good–we try to convince you that there are big differences every year but really it takes us three of four years to develop something really new. And seriously, this update is just a fake change as we introduce the new rechargeables, like Phonak did when they released the Belong line. We’re trying to compete with the Marvel.”


Without wanting to be disagreeable, and I can see where your comment is coming from, but from the point of view of somebody who has been screaming out for any (real) improvements in speech in noise, I have to say I couldn’t give a monkies about rechargeables, and would be amazed if people think it will be something that will add significant value in the next release, which is what you seem to infer. Of course, rechargeables and bluetooth are trying to tap into those consumers who need more incentives to wear hearing aids, and have never worn one. But if a hearing aid company came out with a killer speech in noise hearing aid, that trumps it all as far as my list of priorities are concerned.

Also, I don’t think this is necessarily such a minor release. It is a new chip, an enhanced algorithm, with accompyaning app support. It might sway me, as I have seen some contra-indicated reports on here about the OPN.


The only difference I can tell from the infomercial is the introduction of the OpenSound Optimizer as compared to the original OpenSound Navigator, which is still around in both models.

It also talks about a 6 dB more gain, probably from improving their feedback manager, which is consistent with being able to apply to open dome fitting more easily with an improved feedback manager. This should also give the added benefit of improving SNR and therefore better speech understanding.

Looks like it’s also on a new platform called Velox S. Probably a slight derivative of the original Velox platform. So this new OpenSound Optimizer probably won’t be upgradeable to the original OPN via a new firmware update.

In summary, Neville is probably right that this improvement is primarily a feedback manager improvement with a lithium ion rechargeable battery addition.


I for one am extremely happy with my OPN1s and if they stay this way and I could wear them from now on I will be extremely happy.
I spent my entire working life chasing the latest and greatest and getting certified to maintain it, I am now retired and all I care about is that it works and does what I need it to do. I no longer see the need to have the latest and greatest. I even laugh at th one that still chase it.
I am sorry I didn’t see hearing aids the way I use to see the latest computers, WiFi, or internet speeds. Again as long as it does what I need it is all that is needed.


Fully respect your situation and what you are saying.

For my part, I am not retired, and sometimes find myself in social situations which I find hard. I have never been that interested in gadgets or just stuff for it’s own sake. I want to be able to communicate in all situations - because that is the nature of my business. I also have never been able to socially, because I was born with the loss - not somebody who became late deafened. For that reason I am always wanting more control and improvements, as it is a key opening a part of my life that I never had. Yes, I understand that the need becomes diminished over time as lifestyle factors become into play, but the fat lady is not singing yet!


Just try to remember as I have come to find out that without them finding a way to cure or reverse hearing loss you will never hear normally. And as I have found as I age my hearing is getting worse, and the only way I can afford my hearing aids is that my hearing loss is military service caused and I get my hearing aids from the US Veterans Administration. Yes I have some choices and they do listen and work with me to allow me to hear the best I can. But with the way my hearing is going I will some day needing an implant or two if I live that long.