New Oticon Opn S Hearing Aid


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I don’t have my audiograms, but I requested my audiologist to provide them. My hearing loss is not the same in both ears. I have otosclerosis in my right ear, with conductive loss and some nerve damage. The hearing loss is severe almost all the way across the frequency range. My left ear is different. I don’t have otosclerosis in my left ear, but there is some nerve damage, not to mention I’ve been around a lot of loudness over the years, which has probably taken a toll on both ears. The worst part of the hearing loss in my left ear is in the mid to high frequency range.

Were it not for my right ear, I would not be wearing an HA in my left ear. I recently got it because even with the HA in my right ear, my hearing is not 100% and I wanted to get my left ear as good as possible to make up for it. I am happy with the result of getting new HAs in both ears. I notice a reduction in hearing in my left ear when I’m not wearing the HA. Having HAs in both ears also makes a big difference for streaming, which the other reason for getting a pair of HAs, rather than just upgrading the right HA.

Based on what you’re saying, I think the Opn Ss will be an improvement for feedback (right ear) and for speech in noise.

Overall, I’m very happy with the streaming capability of the Opn 1s. They support multi-pairing and the streaming is very reliable. Despite people fixating on the ConnectClip, as streaming devices, the Opn 1s are much, much better than the Phonak Audéo Marvels. I would like if the ConnectClip could be simultaneously connected to multiple devices. This should be possible with a firmware update. I would also like if the HAs would stream directly to Android, without the ConnectClip, as they already do for the iphone. The HAs use Bluetooth LE, which is supported by my android phone and my laptop and it’s also used by MFi. The HAs are already simultaneously connected to the laptop, android and iphone for volume display / adjust, program and battery status, so it should not be a stretch to support this.

Anyway, I’ll post my audiograms when I get them from my audiologist.

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I am considering to buy OPN S miniRITE and have a simple question to ask.
It seems like this model does not come with the volume control.
I don’t have such function on my current Resound and sometime wish I had one.
Is it handy to have this function? Any thoughts?



Depending on which model you have, it has either a single button or a toggle button. Mine are set up for left to be down volume and right to be up volume. A long press is used to change programs. The button configuration can be changed to give some choices. I can also change the volume with the app on either of my phones or with the ConnectClip.



I think you’re mistaken to think that there’s no volume button with the OPN S miniRITE. I’m pretty sure they have a volume button just like the original OPN. The only OPN versions that may not come with a volume button are probably the ITC, CIC, IIC ones.



Pictures here sure look like the OPN S has a button.



Thank you for pointing out my mistake.
Somehow the chart I have did not list the volume function.
The problem’s solved.



Thank you for pointing out my mistaken assumption.
I am glad that it will come with the model I am thinking to buy.



I got a message from the person who posts the pictures to clarify a bit.

The picture I linked is OPN S - R, the rechargeable beside the Marvel M90R. It has button for up and down on each HA. OPN S has the same as OPN 1 - one button on each HA, that can be activated to volume. If you scroll a bit up, you can see picture of OPN 1 and OPN S together.



I don’t think I will go for the rechargeable so long as my hands work.
Still I assume that simple OPN S 1 will have a volume control outside.
Thank you so much for taking time to pointing this out!



I am really looking forward to testing the Opn S’s. :hear_no_evil: :headphones:

According to Oticon’s youtube, New Velox S chip with new "OpenSound Optimizer” allows Audiologists provide optimal gain in an open fitting with no risk of feedback .

This is made possible by an ultra-fast proactive processing technology that analyses the amplified sound 56,000 times a second.

This allows Oticon Opn S to deliver up to 6 dB extra gain…which leads to up to 30% more speech cues"

So I would think that to allow ultra-fast processing, the Velox S is more than just a slightly enhanced Velox chip…but, I am just speculating. I can’t find any chip specs so far. Major changes to the chip would probably affect power consumption and battery life.

Having said that, the news release photos indicate that 13 and 312 battery sizes are still available and the new rechargeable battery as well.



I found some information on the Velox S Platform on Oticon Global website:

Powered by the new Velox S™ platform

The brand new velox S platform unleashes the full potential of the open sound paradigm.

The fastest and most advanced platform we have ever developed offers unprecedented computation power to create a life-changing difference to users.

A new platform with law-breaking performance:

  • Increased memory enables groundbreaking improvements to the Velox platform

  • New detectors monitor changes in the acoustic environment with 56,000 measurements per second, enabling the OpenSound Optimizer

  • New signal processing algorithms for proactive feedback prevention

  • New automatics drive the updated OpenSound Navigator™

  • Designed for optimized rechargeable battery performance



Yes, the regular non-rechargeable button on the OPN S can be set up to serve as both volume control and program control. It can also serve as a mute/unmute control as well. You can set it up to do all those 3 things using just the same button. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive.



The original Velox platform already allows for ultra-fast processing. My guess is that the Velox S platform is basically the Velox Platform plus new processing hardware to support the OpenSound Optimizer which is the feedback prevention technology. Everything else is the same, including the OpenSound Navigator, which is the heart of the signal processing used in both the original OPN and the new OPN S.

If it were a lot more than just an enhanced Velox platform, they would probably have given it a new name, instead of using the same platform name and add just an S to the end of it.

Of course it’s not a slight enhancement. It’s a brand new and major feedback prevention technology added on to the existing OpenSound Navigator. But the OpenSound Navigator is still the heart of the processing algorithm used by both versions.

Another way to look at it is that with OPN users who don’t really have a feedback issue with their original OPN, switching to the OPN S will only give them 10/10/15% improvement in those 3 metric categories used by Oticon. So a 10-15% improvement to me is nice, but not considered significant enough to upgrade.



That sounds great. Thank you for explaining it so clearly.



I have hearing aid partial coverage through Cigna and Amplifon.

Amplifon just advised that their price for the OPN S model equivalent to the OPN 1’s which I wear currently is $2795 per device. If I can find them cheaper with the same warranty they will match the price.



Hi I just saw this li-Ion rechargeable RITE announced on the website. Looks interesting to me, but the charger is huge! Any smaller version available for travel?



That charger isn’t as large as it looks when you realize how small the hearing aids are



yes, probably. I was waiting quite long for an OPN rechargeable solution with Li-Ion and was excited finally to see it announced on the Oti website.
This charger looks like a domestic device definitely. Very stylish indeed, but unfortunately this doesn’t meet my needs of my mobile lifestyle where I need it small, robust and handy (which must not exclude elegance). Obviously this charger has no protection lid and it doesn’t look to be designed to be thrown into the suitcase to travel with it. Just have a look what other manufacturers offer in size and functionality.

It’s a fact that inductive charging (like we have it here for the OPNs) requires a relative large amount of space to place the torroid coils inside the charger’s housing… I hope we’ll get at least a large capacity battery (Li-Ion size 13) here. Anyway - we should be a bit patient until we’ll see some technical data.

(you may notice, I’m somehow a bit disappointed about the first presentation of this system, but that’s my first impression - we’ll see…)



I talked to my VA Audi yesterday and the charger is not that big. Personally I wear ITE custom hearing aids so for now there is no rechargeable for me.
I have the Oticon OPN1s and asked if he believed that the newer version would benefit me, and was told that it wouldn’t be enough to justify me going to a Rite hearing aid seeing I am more comfortable with the custom hearing aids, and I am not having any issues with noise, speech, with my aids.