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Specific to the ZPower silver zinc battery, the voltage level is actually higher than the regular zinc air voltage. So it needs to be regulated down to zinc air voltage, making the battery meter even less reliable for ZPower silver zinc batteries.



:frowning: … too bad … I really don’t want to get the full warning beeps turned on because I guess it beeps every 10 minutes … but the beep I have turned on ( supposed to warn when aid is at 10% I think) has NEVER worked… even though it works when the audiologist does a “test” in the office … and the IFTTT applet I set up never works either…



The low battery warning seems to work fine for me, either with the disposable zinc air battery or the ZPower battery.

With the ZPower battery, it seems to go dead sooner than with the Zinc air battery after you hear the low battery warning.



I don’t know what the problem is … I’ve given up trying to figure it out … I just kind of keep track in my head of how long I’ve had them on … crazy with all the technology out there… I do wish iphone would show how long aids have been in - that’s would be handy - I’ve given up on the OPN app /fitness hearing thing for now … not very consistent …

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I don’t see the value of the hearing fitness app. It just tracks how long you have your hearing aids on. What’s the point of that? How does that make me more fit for my hearing?

You can pretty much figure it out by seeing how many hours you sleep per day and subtract it by 24 and it would be how long you wear your hearing aids. At least that’s how it works for me because I wear them all the times except when I sleep.

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How long we weared HA is not really fitness but to track how much time you have tuned you’re ears and problem you are telling to Audi is persistent and not spontaneous occurance. And environmental % scanning for custom program needs.

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Any time I go to have changes made the first thing that is asked is how long have you been wearing the aids on a daily basis, and if I want changes to an optional program how long have you been trying it. All of that can be seen with the fitness feature as long as it is working correctly.



All that information is already in the Genie 2 log file. The audi shouldn’t have to ask you that. If be more accurate just to look into the log file.



I don’t have access to the gene software so I’d look at the information myself. But to be honest all I really care about is the life time of my batteries that is how I determined that I had and issue with my right hearing aid. I guess once a troubleshooter always a troubleshooter.



Does the Genie 2 log file keep track of battery usage: ZPower vs Disposables? And, how long they last?

I was also wondering if you are getting the same hours/mileage out of the disposable batteries since changing out the drawers/ doors to the ‘new & improved’ ZPower doors, as compared to when you had the original Oticon doors?



Below are the screen shots of the different kinds of data logged by the OPN that gets uploaded to Genie 2 each time you open up Genie 2 and connects to the OPN. That time period is called a session.

I do have and use the ConnectClip but it’s strange that it’s not logging in the ConnectClip usage is the Accessories Use page.

As you can see, it does not keep track of any low battery warning indication, so there’s no way you can use the information to compute how long an average set of battery lasts. But it’s also tricky to assess low battery warning chimes even if they decide to log it. Some people replace batteries as soon as they hear the first low battery warning chimes. Others just ignore it and let it repeat itself until the battery runs down to zero and they get the dead battery chime. So you can’t really predict people’s battery replacement behavior to accurately gauge how long the battery really lasts. Some people don’t even wait for a low battery warning chime. They just replace batteries at set intervals even if the battery hasn’t gotten low enough yet. The OPN has no way to know when people replace batteries each time they open/close their battery doors.

With the ZPower, it’s even harder to track how long the ZPower batteries last. People may take out their OPN in the middle of the day and put them in the ZPower charger when they take a nap or whatever, so you can’t use the event of putting the OPNs in the ZPower charger as an indicator of when the ZPower battery is exhausted. And how to mark the beginning of a set of freshly charged batteries when they may go in and out of the ZPower charger several times a day for intermittent recharging/replenishment.

As for the mileage of the disposable batteries using the original plain door vs the ZPower doors, I don’t think there should be any difference in theory because the ZPower doors only regulates down the voltage of the ZPower batteries, and it leaves the voltage of the disposable batteries alone.

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By the way, there’ll be an OPN S review on Dr Cliff Olsen YouTube channel in 10 hours.

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Thank you for the Data Log screen shots. I was wondering about the battery info because I have always had the ZPower doors - both versions, and wondered if the poor quality of the ZPower doors affect my zinc disposal battery life and difficulty connecting to BT. My problems are always on the Left side. I agree, in theory, it should not make a difference, but I question the reliability and quality of the ZPower doors.
Since I am mainly back to using disposables, the doors are opened and shut alot – compared to using ZPower batteries, which would be never.
I appreciate all your Genie Fitting info! Thank you again.



So, if that is correct, OPN S2 and S3 without the increased gain (9db v 5 v 3) and no rechargeable there’s no benefit over old OPN. Is that thinking correct? I have the OPN S2 in trial. Need to figure this out. Will cost me $800 to upgrade. Insurance pays total cost of S2, not S1.
Neville? Free advice, old buddy?



I don’t think the OPN S 1 is 9dB gain extra. It’s only 6 dB headroom gain due to the new OpenSound Optimizer.

I don’t how if they crippled it down for the S2 and S3 or not, if at all.

Now that’s different than the 9dB max noise reduction for the OPN 1, vs 5 and 3 dB max noise reduction for the OPN 2 and 3, which you may be referring to.



Can you explain that a little? I guess I’m not understanding this. Not an HA buff. That’s what happens when you wear the same ones for 10 years.



It’s hard to explain a little, easier to explain a lot. But noise reduction capability is the same on the original OPN as it is on the new OPN S. And the 1 has the most available noise reduction at 9dB, and they reduce it down to 5 dB for the 2 and 3 dB for the 3. This is the same either for the original OPN or the OPN S.

The incremental improvement on the OPN S is the new feedback prevention technology called the OpenSound Optimizer. This is what gives an extra headroom gain of 6db. This technology is not available in the original OPN 1, 2 or 3.

As far as I can tell, all 3 versions of the OPN S have the same OSO technology and therefore the same headroom gain. I don’t think this headroom gain changes between the S1 vs the S2 vs the S3. So there’s still the same extra benefit by going with the S2 or S3 over the original OPN 2 or 3, to get the new feedback removal technology in the S.

Now if you want to know whether you should go for an OPN S 2 or 3 over the original OPN 1, that’s a different question. The original OPN 1 has 9 dB noise reduction while the S2 has only 5 and the S3 only had 3 dB noise reduction. So then the question is what’s more important for you? The higher noise reduction capability or the new feedback prevention technology? That depends on whether your hearing loss can benefit from the new feedback prevention technology more, or from the higher noise reduction more. Obviously buying the OPN S 1 gives you the best of everything.

With your kind of loss, I think you can probably benefit greatly from the new feedback prevention technology the S offers. I think the OPN S 2 will probably work well for you.

That’s as little as I can elaborate without having to say a lot more.



Volusiano, I appreciate that you took the time to explain that. FYI, it was very helpful. As you could tell, I’m not versed in the HA functions and terms.

I went to the Audi on Thurs. to try one last adjustment before giving up on the Marvel. I wanted him to lower the high frequency gain to give my brain a chance to accustom itself to the sound before ratcheting up to the REM fitting over time. It was a short appt. made earlier that morning. When I arrived he told me he was swapping out the Marvel M70R for the OPN S2. I had no idea. The appointment was timed for an adjustment not a new aid. He threw them on my ears, had me sign some papers and left while I had many questions still to be answered. He reduced the gain at the high frequencies to start out this time. While I wanted that done with the M70 since it wasn’t done previously and I was feeling overloaded, I would have preferred if he didn’t do that immediately with the OPN S allowing apples to apples REM comparison.

I wrote him an email telling him I would not be seeing him again.

Thanks for your that reply. I hope I can be of help to others someday in the same fashion.

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I really don’t understand that Audi, it is like he wants to make all of your decisions for you like you are a child. Your right I would be finding me someone else

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