New Oticon Opn 2


I’m on day 3 of wearing my HA’s. Having a difficult time adjusting so far. Everything sounds tinny or like a blown speaker. Sounds I could hear before are much too loud but need the volume for other sounds like voice.
Also when receiving a phone call on my iPhone the ring is way too loud. Any tips? Thanks!
I go back on the 25th for adjustment but it would be a miracle if they can correct this. Would Opn 1 be that much better for an additional 1800?


These sound like mostly pretty easy fixes. Part is just getting used to, but things like your iPhone ring can definitely be turned down. I don’t think Opn 1 would be any different unless it was adjusted differently.


Ok. Thank you. I hope you’re right


I have had the exact same experience as you with my Opn 1 as a new HA user. My Ha was actually defective and has been sent back for fixing for the blown speaker sound. I’m not sure about the speech in noise stuff because it’s a real issue. And I pretty much jump through the roof whenever my phone rings.

I would suggest trying to get back there sooner for an adjustment (they have just sold you some very expensive devices - my Audiologist does unlimited tweaks for the first year, I think).

I’m back next week so I can let you know how I make out


Thank you! I will call tomorrow morning to get back in there. I have 45 days to make a decision whether to keep them or not. Hopefully just an adjustment


And good luck! I hope your issue is resolved. There also must be a volume setting for incoming calls. I’ll ask when I go back


I got new OPN1s last week. I have the distortion issue if I’m answering a phone call or listening to a voice mail, and the iphone volume is turned up too high. I don’t have this issue when streaming music. I barely hear the phone ringing at all through my aids, though. I’m hoping those kinds of levels can be reset at my 2 week folllow-up.

I can’t imagine the OPN1s would be better about any of these issues than the OPN2s. They’re really the same aid, with just some of the features/ranges reduced to justify a somewhat lower price.


Thanks for replying. I hope you get your issues resolved. My distortion is just about all of the time. Now watching TV.
I found out I could adjust the volume with my Apple Watch which makes it very convenient.
Good luck to you


The phone ringing volume is adjusted on your iPhone, it’s not done in the OPN. Simply turn down your phone ringtone volume just like you would if you didn’t have hearing aids.

If you don’t want to hear the phone ringtones on your hearing aids, just go to the MFI Hearing Devices settings on the iPhone and turn off the Play Ringtones option. Then it will only ring on your iPhone like normal and won’t ring on your OPN.

All this stuff are things to be adjusted on the iPhone, not on the OPN. The only phone related adjustments that can be done on the OPN are shown in the Genie 2 screenshot below: 1) Phone loudness, 2) Mic (loudness) relative to phone (loudness), 3) Sound quality, and 4) Power Bass value. Well, there’s also the AutoPhone feature, but that’s for using the phone the normal way instead of via direct streaming.


You should post your audiogram so we can see what king of hearing loss you have. Also mention how you’re being fitted (are you wearing open domes or bass domes or power domes, etc?). This will give a good indication as to why things sound tinny for you, etc.

I’m sure things can be adjusted for you after you’ve given it some time to get used to the new sounds if you’re a brand new hearing aid wearer. Also the audiogram and information on how you’re being fitted can give us an idea of whether you’re being fitted properly or not.

The OPN 2 is very close to the OPN 1 that a new user wouldn’t know much difference. The main difference is in the amount of noise reduction to help make speech clarity better in a noisy environment. Usually only an experienced user can tell a difference, and only in a very noise environment.


Thank you
I did find the ringer volume and will post an audiogram tomorrow along with picture of the ear domes. I didn’t get a copy of my latest test but I’ll post the one from 2014


Thanks for the tip on the ringer volume! Fixed!!


Thankfully One problem solved


2014 hearing test. Will try and get current one shortly. Was told it was 15 worse, almost off the chart she said


Ear dome I’m using


I posted my 2014 report and ear bud
I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon. Hoping for a miracle. Tried using house phone todaand that didn’t go well. Least of my problems however


You have the ski slope loss and the power dome. Not sure what size receiver that is. Looks like 85 dB but could be 100 dB as well. Do you know which size it is? If your hearing is 15 dB worse than your old 2014 audiogram, then it should probably be the 100 dB size receiver. But it’s not obvious if you have 15 dB drop across the board or only at certain frequencies.

Did you wear something else before the OPN 2? I assume you must have if your 2014 loss was already that bad. If you’re not a new user, then you shouldn’t take too long to adapt to the OPN 2.

The power dome you’re wearing shouldn’t make everything sound tinny to you. But you do have a considerable loss in the high frequencies so maybe you’re still adjusting to the high frequency amplification.

Sounds you could hear before are much too loud implies that maybe for some reason, the lower frequencies (where you could hear better before) are over amplified. That can be adjusted down by your provider, no problem.

If you need the volume for other sounds like voice, I would suggest asking your provider turn on the Speech Rescue functionality for you and set it at the left most 2.4 configuration. This will transpose the sounds in the high frequencies (4-7KHz) down to the 1.5 to 2.4 KHz regions, so you can hear those high frequency sounds better. That should help with the voice so you can understand speech better.because now sounds in the inaudible areas can now be heard better in the more audible areas for you Your kind of ski slope hearing loss is a good candidate for Speech Rescue, especially the left ear, but even the right ear as well.

I have no idea what you mean by blown speaker, but maybe you’re referring to distorted sounds due to over driven speakers (saturation). That may be the case if the receivers cannot handle the high amplification on the high frequency ends for you. I’ve had that experience of over driven/saturated sounds on my receiver as well when it’s being driven too hard beyond its capability.

If your provider turns on Speech Rescue for you, have them set the High Frequency Bands setting to OFF. That should alleviate the issue of over driving the receivers on the high frequencies, causing distorted saturation sounds. That’s because after the higher frequency sounds get lowered into the lower frequency destination region, the hearing aid won’t try to amplify sounds at the higher frequency region anymore, thereby avoiding over-amplification in the high frequency region altogether.

See an example of my screenshot below showing how Speech Rescue is turned on and set to the 2.4 configuration on the left most setting, and the High Frequency Bands setting turned OFF. You can also see on the charts how the grayed out region between 4-7KHz being the source region gets lowered into the red/blue (for right/left) destination region between 1.5-2.4KHz. You can also see that by turning off the High Frequency Bands setting, the amplification in the grey area (the high frequency source region) gets reduced dramatically.

Good luck at your next appointment. It shouldn’t take a miracle to fix those issues you have. After all, it’s only been a few days with your OPN2 and your second appointment on it. Give it some time and they’ll work out the issues for you.


Thank you very much V.
I had my first hearing test in 2006 and it was very bad but did get worse by 2014. This is my first set of hearing aids unfortunately.
I got hurt in 2005 as a volunteer firefighter so been disabled with neck issues since. My primary problem.
Sometime before that I blew up a bicycle tire for my son inside the garage and it blew, causing me temporary hearing loss for a minute. After that, being the primary department driver the FD the siren actually hurt my ears going to alarms so I guess that added to it. Also a retired tractor trailer driver. Always around loud noise paid its toll.
Thank you for the time to explain to me what may be going on with my hearing. I printed out your response and will bring it with me. I’ll delicately ask her about it, I want to make sure she knows I trust her opinion.
Thanks again


Had my appointment and she cut down the high sounds ( and I think maybe the low ) and changed the ear dome to a double vent. I will see how it goes. So far I believe it’s a little better and just need to adjust. With the vented dome I can answer a house phone much easier and I think I could wear the headphones I normally wear to watch TV. I’ll use the headphones only when a lot of noise is happening. Would be better than paying 200 plus for the tv kit.
My hearing test is changed quite a bit since 2014


If you have a land line house phone and plan to wear headphones often to watch TV then I would suggest you get the Tcoil version of the OPN so that it can pick up the magnetic induction of the phone’s speaker or headphone’s speakers more easily.