New OPN1 ITE aids



My high frequency loss above 4KHz are pretty much a goner, so I don’t try to amplify in that range anymore. However, with the Speech Rescue frequency lowering technology, I’m still able to hear sounds in that range well because they got transposed into the 1.5-2.5KHz range for me to hear.

In nature, I can hear sounds like crickets, cicada, etc, that I would never have been able to hear without the frequency lowering technology.

With the OPN, I can hear very subtle things like the echo/reverb in the hall or inside a room with tall ceiling. Normally those are subtle things that you don’t notice and/or take for granted. Or if you don’t hear it then you never even know what you’re missing. Actually, the reason I noticed it the most that one time was when I was trialing the Sonic Enchant 100. It was a nice hearing aid, but kind of quiet and made me feel like being in a coocoon or a sound proofed room. In the same environment, as soon as I switched back to my OPN for A/B comparison on the spot, I immediately noticed that when I talked or sang in the house, I heard the subtle (but noticeable) echo/reverb of my voice.bouncing around the walls and vaulted ceiling in the room.


I am someone that loves being out in nature and I know while out there by myself or even with my walking companion which I know hears everything due to being part hound dog I need to be able to hear the best possible. And I am lucky my Audi loves hiking and also he wears OPN hearing aids. I was born and raised on a large farm/ranch and spend as much time as possible out in nature. There are so many sounds that I use to hear that I so want to hear again but more than likely never will again


I am beginning to understand that I am not seeing that much difference when out hiking between the default and my nature program, nor can I tell the difference between my default and music program either. So I am beginning to think that all I need is my default program.


I have been having a lot if battery failures with the power one batteries that I get from the Veteran’s Administration, and have been doing some none scientific troubleshooting. I have found that my power ones that don’t say wireless approved are failing within a day or two and the ones that are wireless approved are lasting four days.

I have trashed the ones that don’t say wireless approved


I do have 2 boxes of size 312 that contain 10 x 6 batteries/pack per box from Power One, with Nov 2022 expiration date, and they say wireless approved on them. I tried a 6-battery pack out and got about 4 days for each pair.

I’ve always bought and used batteries from Costco (Kirkland brand) before, and these 2 boxes of Power One batteries were included with a purchase from eBay, so I didn’t really “buy” them stand-alone per se.

Anyway, I’ve consistently gotten about 4 days of use out of the Costco Kirkland brand. So the Power One are not really any longer lasting than the Kirkland brand for me. I only pay about 18 cents per battery for the Kirkland brand. I’m sure the Power One brand is more expensive than that.


The powerones that I have aren’t lasting 4 days for me. But 4 days is about 56 hours of use with on average 12 hours of that being streaming. But it is winter come spring and summer I will be outdoors a lot more and streaming a lot less.


My old Power One batteries with 2021 expiration dates and removable tape tabs (remove the tab from the battery) lasted 2-4 days normally, but I also had a few that did’t last 1 day.

The new (from the VA) Power One batteries with 2022-08 expiration date and the new “remove the battery from the packaging immediately before use” (no removable tab, the battery is removed from the packaging) which has a black tape backing. Are lasting 4-5 days normally and the Oticon ON app provides much more accurate readings compared to the old Power One batteries. Seems like an entirely new design and power curve.


Your batteries are newer than the one I got back in December, and I am not getting any better than about 50 to 55 hours.


@cvkemp Are your OPNs the IIC ones? How compact are they? Are they visible when worn or fitted fairly deeply?

Just curious. I need some IIC due to lifestyle. Sports and using headsets at work etc.


No I have what is called half shells but I believe is closer to three quarter shells. I want full connectivity and it will is not available with the smaller aids. I hike and ride my scooter with a helmet and I also hike and fish. As for as a headset I have used phone headsets and boss over Bluetooth he ear headphones with no issues.

The smallest that can have connectivity is In the canal, they are reasonably small but will be visible from the side of the head


Well I am almost at three months with my aids and they just keep impressing me. I am still hearing better than I have in memory, the sounds are very natural to me. I am still finding myself hearing things that I cannot remember hearing before, and I am also finding that some sounds that was irritating earlier isn’t bothering me now. I still wish I could have gotten the size 13 batteries, but I don’t know I they were available in the custom aids at the time I was being told I was getting new aids. Battery life is 4 days at the best and I still don’t understand why my right aid always shows 40% less battery life than the left, the difference in my hearing loss should not account for that much difference. All in all I am very satisfied.


It is hard for me to believe that I am on my fifth set of hearing aids, and the fourth set from the VA. There is no way I could have ever afford them if I was having to pay for them. The VA has been a lifesaver for me. And the hearing aids just keep getting better and better, even as my hearing is getting worse. It seems that the aids are improving faster than my hearing is getting worse.
But I am not blind to the point if I live long enough I am not going to be able to hear that well, I have already been told that my hearing is bad enough that I cannot function with out my hearing hearing aids.


The ON app for my IPhone updated this morning not see much difference for my aids

I am upset they removed the ON app capacity from my watch face.


I have noticed that my hearing aids can stay connected to my iPhone and I can stream at much great distance from my phone than the ON app will stay connected to the aids.


Here is something that I have noticed with my Oticon TV Connect for my OPNS, I use the fiberglass connection between the TV and the TV connect. In doing so the TV connect is streaming mostly speech to my hearing aids, then by adjustments to the hearing aid mics I hear the background sounds from the TV speakers but with less volume this seems to really work out great for action movies.


This seems to imply that BLE connection (between the iPhone and the OPN) has longer range than regular Bluetooth connection (between the ON app and the OPN). Maybe somebody with more expertise on BLE and Bluetooth overall can confirm this observation.


Yes, this is actually pretty cool huh? You can actually enjoy the surround sound through the surround speakers yet still be able to hear speech more clearly.


Well after playing with my music and nature programs for almost a month I have come to the realization that the default program does the same thing. At least for me the OPN default program seems to do everything that I need. I cannot really hear any difference when going to other programs. I know at first I did believe I did and all I can say is that it was wishful thinking.


That’s why I was wondering what your audi did for the Nature program, because there’s no built-in Nature program.

To me, the Music program makes a slight different, feels a little more open. But only if I do immediate A to B comparison between it and the Default program right next to each other. Otherwise, listening to music with the Default program is just fine as well, and I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you without the immediate A to B comparison which one is Music and which one is Default if there’s no tone indicator otherwise.

And the Comfort program to me is almost like a slight volume reduction in the Default program, and the Speech in Noise program is almost like a slight volume increase with the Default program.

In the end, I use the Default program probably 99% of the time.


The only program that I do see as important is th lecture which has worked nicely at a large family table in a noisy restaurant