New OPN1 ITE aids



I have also the music program and I can tell a difference in the two programs. When I was out in the woods I flipped through the programs and the nature or outdoors program gave me better hearing of the environment around me and yes I could hear more wind too. So I am not sure what all of the differences are.


With the adjustments today to my default program I am not needing to use the tv connect as much


You know what I am really liking is the fact I don’t need a streamer to make calls, to listen to the Tv with the TV connect or to stream music from my iPhone or iPad. I do have the connect clip and I use it for streaming and calls from my MacBook and Apple Watch which works great and it can be in my shirt pocket unseen except for calls


I am setting here in the house and just thinking how natural everything sounds. And yesterday we made the rounds of Lowe’s, Kroger’s, and Hobby Lobby and while this places ar not that loud. Kroger and Lowe’s does have a lot of equipment running and I didn’t have any issues with understanding any of the clerks. We did go to a cafe and the clerk had a foreign accent and I did have problems understanding her so I let my wife handle the order, and my wife even said she had a hard time understanding the clerk. I find amazing that I can now hear the turn signals in the car with the radio on and normal road noise. And also that I can set here in the living room and hear the wind chimes that are out in the tree in the front yard while the dogs are playing and the dishwasher and clothes washing machine is running. I feel like I have my hearing back the way it was so many years ago.


I think you’re particularly suited for the OPN because you seem to revel in being able to hear everything and don’t seem to mind hearing repetitive mechanical noises like the dishwasher, AC, road noise, fan noise etc.

Many people used to wearing hearing aids for a long time don’t like to hear the mechanical noises because they’ve gotten used to having their hearing aids filter most of those sounds out. I was one of those people until I had the OPN. It required an adjustment change on my part to learn to accept hearing everything as part of the normal soundscape again. It was bothersome to me the first month or so not being cocoon’ed by my old hearing aids anymore, but now I don’t even think twice about it.


I guess most of it is because I was raised up to be a troubleshooter and always told to listen to changes in way things sound. I was racing go carts at the age of 10, and driving tractors way before that. I was raised on a farm and back when our ears were what we used to tell if the equipment was working correctly or not. My dad taught me to tune engines by the way they sounded. I was also taught to hunt by being really quiet and listening for what I was hunting. Yes I do have an Indian heritage and was raised to be observant of my surroundings. Which has served me well as an Electronics Tech and software engineer.


Since I few weeks I have two Oticon OPN1-ITE-HS, and this is a great experience, no streamer, no wires.
However, there is one small point.
If I get a phone call, I hear the ringtone through my OPN’s, that’s the way it should be.
However, this is not the case with the tones from text and whatsapp messages.
Do I overlook an adjustment in my iPhone or Genie software?


Same here I hear the ringtones but no text alerts. That is just what the iOS does and nothing to do with the hearing aids.


I just discovered that placing my iPhone in airplane mode doesn’t disable Bluetooth


Hi CV, great post by the way. I am in IT industry like you and about to start working soon, and I have same hearing loss like you do, right side is worse than the left. (left- mild-moderate, right-moderate-severe). Since I’m going into employment soon, I was in great dilemma whether to wait until June-Aug this year for the OPN ITC to release in my country Malaysia, or to proceed to buy a Unitron ITC. It sucks to wait for hearing aid when you need one so badly. I’ve been trying to looking around for answers and there you go! You’re a great storyteller, just like how I like it, with every single little details I dread for when I read reviews. It feels like having a heavy stone taken away from my shoulder. Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

On another hand, can you upload the picture of the old and new battery packaging, so that I can be prepared when I need to ask for better battery.


Went to an old fashioned hamburger joint today where it was very busy and the rock and roll music was playing and I was able to here my wife with out any problem but did have a problem understanding the clerk. And I did enjoy listening to the music.


I have found that I can add the ON app to my Apple Watch face, but it has to be done on the watch itself. I had to press on the watch face until I can select custimze then select what I want to change then use the Digital Crown to locate and select Oticon On.


I am noticing different things now or maybe I am just looking for new or before unnoticed things. We have a wonderful wind chimes in the front yard and I saw they were dancing in the early morning breeze but didn’t hear then for over a minute and now I hear them continuously so my aids must have been tuning into to sounds around me or was it my brain waking up and tuning in to the sounds around me?


I wish there was a way to disable and enable my volume control on my hearing aids from the app. I ride a scooter and wear a helmet and the helmet will catch on my volume controls and run me crazy. And I really cannot afford to ride without my hearing aids.


I wonder if you can devise some kind of padding ring to put around your ear before you put your helmet on to prevent it from touching your hearing aids’ volume control.

But from the sound of it, it sounds like your helmet is a snug fit (like it should be, because I ride motorcycles, too, so I know), so just the act of putting the helmet on may already get the padded ring out of position.

When I ride my motorcycle or scooter around town only where the max speed is 45 mph and it’s summer time and hot, I usually opt to go with a half helmet that has the ear flap covers. That way, the ear flap covers don’t mess up with my RIC positioning too much. Maybe that might work for your ITE, too.

When I ride on the freeway, I use a full helmet, but then I don’t wear hearing aids when I’m riding at high speeds like that because it’s actually too loud with the road noise. I actually wear ear plugs instead when I ride on the freeway.


I use a half shell helmet and my rides are mostly 45 mph but my scooter is capable of doing about 75 mph. But around here the max speed is 55. My helmet is snug fitting and my aids are ITE I have been tempted to file down the volume control to make them have a less chance of catching on my helmet.


If you use the half shell helmet then I assume that it must have ear flaps to get the ITE volume button caught on it. If it has ear flaps, can’t you devise some kind of padding ring to attach to the ear flap so that when you buckle up the chi strap, the ear flap will sit over the ITE and not rub against it?


I will have to look at that possibility. My helmet is closer to a 3 quarters because my ears do go up into the helmet some.


Got my helmet out and played with it and tried putting it on serveral different ways with my hearing aids. I then did something I haven’t been doing stretched out my helmet before putting it on and it works great. My problem has been that I would change my volume putting the helmet on. With a few good stretches I am no longer doing that. My ears do go a little under the hard part of the shell but my aids only catch on the ear flaps. So think you for getting me thinking about the fix.


Went out for a hike today, I set my hearing aids to my nature program and at first I didn’t notice any difference than my default program. But slowly I was hearing things I haven’t been hearing. I believe that you have to retrain your brains to hear and understand what you are really hearing. It takes time and it takes some concentration to develop your brain’s power to really understand what you are hearing. My dad was a hunter and he taught me to quiet my brain and also to set quietly and just listen and learn to pick out foot steps, the rustling of leafs, the quiet sounds that animals make. Well I am slowly getting a little of that back. I will never have the capacity to hear the way I once did but maybe I can hear somethings that now just sound like noise. Today I made some headway at it.