New OPN1 ITE aids



I have the app on both my yard iPhone and it seems that is causing one or the other app to drop one aid or the other on normally the iPhone. But I do use the iPad a lot to watch Netflix and streaming to my aids is my only choice. So I have removed the app from my iPad and my app on the iPhone is staying connected better but not perfect


Went to a very noisy restaurant this evening for my grand daughter’s college graduation, there was also 3 or 4 children that was 2 to 5 years old screaming all the time and it never bothered me at all. These aids allowed me to hear the conversations that I needed to hear even with all the other noise


here is what I have figured out I cannot have the ON app on both my Iphone and my Ipad the way I did have it. I have removed the app from my ipad and I no longer have issues with my aids staying connected to my ON app on my iphone, and I haven’t had any more issues with the hearing fitness working as it should.


Thanks for sharing. That’s good to know.


Another feather in the hat for my OPN1s. Just left a very noisy restaurant with the typical after church lunch crowd where my whole family is at a long table. I didn’t have any issues with hearing and understanding the grandkids that was at the far end of the table. I used my default program without issues and didn’t have to even adjust the volume. I was great and I was hearing better than my wife and son and daughter that have good normal hearing


I am going to try to explain my hearing experience with my OPN1s

On November 2, 2018, I went to the VA Audiologists in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The clinic had just opened for business and I was the second patient to be seen. And just like any other place getting started they were somewhat unorganized, but everything was done that should have been done. I was given the normal test and exams. My ears were checked for wax, and I was given complete hearing test. I as told I as getting new custom hearing aids, and was told that as of the coming Monday that the OPN hearing aids could be gotten as ITE custom hearing aids. Impressions were made of my ears and I did as I had learned years earlier and moved my jaw the way I would when talking our chewing food. The Audi and I talked about my needs and what I was getting, custom in the ear hearing aids with connectivity to my iPhone, also a TV connect, connect clip, and phone connect. I was given a return appointment for December 3, to receive my hearing aids and extras and supplies.

On December the third I received my hearing aids and they were mostly set up for me when I first placed them in my ear. They fit great and felt great. The Audi did a REM and set the default program as what the Audi calls an automatic program, but I believe he also set the noise filters to max because I do not have any issues with noise at any time. I use to have issues with the road noise being way to loud with my Alta Pros, and going to a noisy restaurant was uncomfortable at best. With the OPN1s there is little to no road noise, I can listen to the radio with ease and I can hear my wife with ease. With the Alta Pros that was impossible. My OPN1s are made for iPhone and works great now. I will have to explain a few mistakes a little later. The Alta Pros, with the streamer Pro had t-coil, I do not have t-coil with the OPN1s but so far I haven’t needed the t-coils.

I always had issues with the TV connect that I used with my Alta Pros and streamer Pro connecting and then disconnecting, with the OPN1s and the new TV connect, I get a connection first time every time.

Calls using my iPhone is wonderful and have very few issues.

The Phone connect, I was given with not work with my OPN1s nor my connect clip I am going to return it.

I also have a lecture program a long with the default. The lecture is the default but with forward direction. It is not that useful normally but did work great when the family went to lunch in a somewhat noisy restaurant and I was setting at one end of the talk and the grandkids were at the other end, I used the lecture program and I was able to hear and understand them. But I have found that my default is the best most of the time.

A few thoughts and things I have noticed. I believe the noisy filters are too strong at times. I love to hike in the woods and I find the default program is limiting me from here nature as I would like to hear it. With the Alta Pros I had a music program and I used it when on the trail. So I am going to ask for a music program.

Now to a few mistakes. First I installed the ON app on both my iPhone and iPad and that was a big mistake and caused disconnect issues. You can only have the ON app on one device when more than one device are close enough to interfere with each other. So I removed the ON app from my iPad. Now my hearing fitness works great and I do not get disconnects from my ON device but every once in a while when connected to the TV connect.

Now issues that bother me. The battery percentage levels are poor at the best. I install new batteries and the right hearing aid will show the battery percentage that is normally below 50% and the left aid sometimes with show 100% or some percentage less than that but always at least 20% more than the right. Each morning I will rotate my batteries from one aid to the other and normally on day 2 and 3 the battery percentages show higher than they did on the first day of use. My batteries do last 4 days be never more than 50 hours.

I will be going to the VA clinic on January 28 for an appointment so I am hoping to get some answers and hopefully a music program. I will be returning the phone connect as it is not useful, and I will be asking about the new phone connect 3 which the Oticon site says that will work with the connect-clip. I will update once I have it.


I am not sure but I truly believe that my OPN1s are still learning my environments, I was out hiking yesterday and I stopped and just listened to what I could hear. Slowly I began to hear a brook some distance away flowing, and there was birds playing and singing in the distance. My puppy Sandy was looking around then started watching this one area I looked and it was a couple of squirrels playing. Slowly I could hear them running in the leafs. Maybe I was imagining it, but I believe i was hearing them. My Audi told me my aids were in and automatic mode and would be adjusted to my environment and I truly believe it.


Well yes, the OPN constantly scans the environment and adjusts it based on its determination between simple environment on one end and complex environment on the other end and everything else in between. It basically decides how much noise reduction to apply based on the instantaneous environment it detects, and how much help with the auditory focus to give you when transitioning from one environment to the next. If you set high help for the auditory focus, it rebalances the sounds more and more quickly from simpler to more complex environment, and it removes more noise more quickly as you transition from a simpler to a more complex environment where the sound levels increase.

I think what you’re experiencing in nature is a combination of the transitioning that the OPN does when going from one environment to the next, combined with your own ever changing auditory focus as part of how your brain adjusts to focusing in on sounds that you discover as you yourself scan the environment and tie in what you see to what you hear.


Thank for the explanation and information. I just got back from my hiking and it was much quieter today due to be cooler. The brooks and the creeks running was about it. Didn’t see any animals at all today. But could hear other hikers talking that I couldn’t see but the could determine the direction they were from me. I sure hope this trend keeps up. I really like the feeling of being almost normal again


I just got OPN1 to try out for two weeks. I was told by the examining DR that I have lost the hearing in my left ear due to Ramsey Hunt Syndrome (shingles in the ear that will not go away) and that I had SSD. He told me that most likely a BAHA solution would be the only way to go. On January 24, I met with the Audi and she had a pair of HA to try out. Based upon the hearing test, I still had some hearing in the left side. She programmed the OPN1 to match my hearing lost in both ears. The shingles are still in my left ear so it is very sensitive.
When she placed the aids in my ears and turned them on, it was amazing. I am now in my second day with these aids and I love them. I don’t even know that they are in and I have made no adjustment to them other that lower/raise the volume. I am currently scheduled to go back on Feb 8th to try out a CROS or BAHA solution. I now intend to for go those trials and talk about purchasing a pair of OPN1 bundled with a connectClip. They are very expensive but considering the power of these units in such a small package, it is worth it to me.


I would try the others, a lot of hearing aid users say if there is a lot of different between the loss in the two ears that OPNS do not work for them.


Small point of order that you may or may not find useful: The back microphone on a BTE hearing aid (or any hearing aid) is not a backwards-facing directional microphone. Both of the microphones are omnidirectional microphones and it is the combination of the two that creates the directional mic. The hearing aid can distinguish what sounds are coming from the back because they hit the back omni mic before they hit the front omni mic. The hearing aid can use these small time differences to create a directional microphone, either front-facing or back-facing (and that’s why the failure of one of these mics may not impact gain, but will destroy any directional benefits). Increasing the number of microphones (e.g. on an array microphone, or with ear-to-ear processing to combine the data of all four mics rather than just two) can increase the directionality of the overall system.

So the ITE directionality is really the same as the BTE directionality with certain caveates. The positioning of microphones along a certain axis is important. If the shape of your ear is a bit atypical, or your posture is such that your nose points towards the ground (not uncommon with advanced age or certain spinal mobility issues) and the microphones get positioned along the wrong plane, the D-mic might point up or down more than it should (the audiologist should have indicated the appropriate plane to the lab, but this doesn’t always happen). This can be true for BTE mics too, however, if the wire or tubing is too long and the hearing aid is sitting too far back.


Thanks! This is definitely interesting to know!


New discovery:
The VA supplies my batteries and they are Power Ones. The older batteries do say “high level hearing “ as does the new batteries but the new batteries also say “wireless approved “ and also “Hg0%”. I have been having a few issues with my hearing aids and had seen the issues change with my battery changes. This evening I gave end and opened up a package of my newest batteries and right away I noticed a huge change in the loudness of my hearing aids and the fact that my battery percentage is where I would expect fresh batteries to be at. I will have to bring this up to mt Audi tomorrow


So they’re both Power Ones brand but the newer ones have some more “designations”?

Do you happen to know what the expiration dates of the old and the new ones?


The old ones 2022.03
The new ones 2022.09


I am back for the VA clinic and some adjustments. First my default program was adjusted to give me a little more default volume to my right ear, and we relaxed the noise filters a little bite, and I have to say everthing sound more natural. My lecture program was only changed to give me the extra volume to the right ear.
We added 2 programs, a music program, and a nature program. The music program is the default music setting, the nature program is pretty much wide open analog settings. I have to admit that I really enjoyed my time in the woods today after my appointment. I have not felt like I was hearing that natural in a very long time.
I haven’t used the music program yet so no comments on it. But I can say on the way home in my default program I did have a little more road noise than before but it felt and sounded natural, and the car radio sounded even better.
I did return my phone connect 2 and will get a phone connect 3 but was told it may be May before I can get it. I am also getting a new Dry and store. And was told that the battery issue is being worked on by the VA as it seems they have to flush their stock.
As for as any new firmware that is unknown at this time but maybe some word about updates in the May time frame. The VA does not notify any of us about the update we have to find out ourselves and ask for our aids to be updated. Also the VA may be going to the remote adjustments in the future.


Is the “Nature” program a build-in program? Or is it something concocted by your audi? I simply don’t see it on the Genie 2 program menu choice at all, so that’s why I’m curious.

Did the audi say what she did to get “wide open analog settings”? Does that mean she removed all compression such that the compression ratio is 1.0 across the board, aside from not having any noise reduction or other processing set?


Not really sure, he only said it is a program that is as close to an analogy setting as can be done, no filters, no compensations for speech or noise and no wind noise compensation either. Just amplification for my hearing loss.


That’s interesting about turning off the wind noise management because as far as I can tell in Genie 2, there’s no option to turn on/off wind noise management. So I assume that it means that it’s always on.

The only other options are for Transient Noise Management, Spatial Noise Management, and Binaural Broadband, Noise Reduction, and Directionality Settings. The Music program has these settings turned off, and Directionality Settings set to “Pinna Omni”. I would imagine that the Nature program would have these same settings like the Music program.

The only other place where it can be made different from the Music program is in the Fine Tuning, where you set the amplification to the various frequency points to achieve certain compression ratios at each frequency point. Perhaps this is where your audi made the Nature program more “analog” by minimizing the compression ratios even more than the Music program does.