New OPN1 ITE aids



I believed that aids only amplified sounds until I got OPN1s. Now my aids work for me and I can enjoy my life


Thank you for your useful review , Can’t wait for my opn cic :slight_smile:


I currently have the original Oticon Alta Pro’s. It seems that you would recommend an upgrade. I wanted to wait since the Opn’s are 2 years old and I’m anticipating a new release in a few years.

How well do you hear in group conversations outdoors with the Opn’s? I found that I struggle with my Alta Pro’s in this context and can only converse with one person at a time, and even then they must not be soft spoken.


I get my aids from the VA and the ones I had were the Alta Pros, the original version. They were great when I got them but nothing like the OPN1s. In am only using the default program now. I am not having any issues with them at all. I have been to restaurants, meetings, lectures, church, concerts and I hike and even ride a scooter(Vespa 300), wind noise isn’t an issue and neither is any other noise. For the first time with aids I can listen to TV, and the car stereo at a volume that my wife likes. I can hear the birds and I am looking forward to the spring and summer to see how well I can hear nature in general. We have a large wind chimes that I cannot hear unless I was in the front yard next to them, I can now hear them from in the house with the doors and windows closed.
Let me just say when I hike I do turn the volume up so I can hear more and farther away. But indoors and meets, or restaurants I use the defaults. For the most part I am getting where I put them in in the morning and forget about them. I talked to my Audi and he believes that for at least this next year or so that the OPNs will only be getting firmware updates. But who really knows. I have looked at the DAC that the OPN uses and there appears to be plenty room for changes and updating or even upgrading.


I’m of the same opinion as your audi that Oticon is not going to do a major hardware upgrade from the OPN line soon. I think their Velox platform was a very major upgrade so there’s plenty of room to grow from in terms of firmware update for new features like they had done in the last few updates. They’re going to try and squeeze the last out of this Velox platform before they get into developing another brand new major one.

CES is going on and if they plan to release a brand new platform apart from the Velox one this year, they would have announced it all over the news at CES by now already.


Does the music program work with streaming or just live music?


When I stream on my iPhone, if I select the different programs I have through the iPhone (or through the hard buttons), I notice a volume difference associated with the program. For example, I notice a lower volume in Comfort, a louder volume in Speech in Noise, etc, as expected. So yes, when streaming on the iPhone, depending on which program you have selected during the streaming, it’ll take on at least the volume characteristic of that program. So while you’re streaming and you have the Music program selected, the streaming audio should take on the volume characteristic of the Music program setting.

Having said that, I really don’t know if it takes on any other processing settings besides the amplification setting while streaming. I try to listen real hard for anything other than the volume difference and I don’t notice any. It does make sense, though, that there should be no attempt to alter the original content of the audio stream except for the volume difference because you’d expect to hear exactly how the streaming audio should be presented , and no more, no less coloration, except only louder or softer.

For listening to live music through the mics, however, I can tell difference between the default program and the Music program, which is a little bit more open, as expected.


Thank you. I will ask my Audi when I go for my appointment on the 28th of this month. I don’t get much chance at live music except at our church services. And I find that streaming music sounds good to me with my default program.


I am impressed I talked on my iPhone using streaming to my hearing aids for a good 30 minutes this morning and did not have any issues with connectivity. And the sound was wonderful, I was talking to my daughter that I have always had issues hearing and understanding over any phone.


I have an appointment coming up the end of the month and I am going to ask if I can have a program for being out in nature and listening to nature itself. What do you think? I love hiking and and love hearing water flowing, birds, and insects. I also love hearing leaves blowing in the wind. And I would love to really hear all of them again.


If I had to guess, I’d say that your provider will give you the built in Music program for this.


That is also my thinking


I contacted the developers of the Oticon On app about my hearing fitness, continuing to log me out, and was told to go to my Audi to see about a fix. I still don’t understand what my Audi is going to do about a phone app logging off line.


The Oticon ON app is not quite ready for prime time, and the Hearing Fitness is pretty close to useless from an accuracy standpoint; the Oticon ON app must be running in the background whenever the HAs are on and connected to the iPhone. For some reason, the Oticon ON app drops connectivity with the HAs multiple times a day and this is documented in the Event Log of the ON app.


Yep same here, I was told that’s he iPhone connection is MFI and the ON app is regular Bluetooth. Not sure if that is true just something I read in the forum or on th Facebook page


cvkemp - You are correct, the iPhone connection is MFI and the On app does require bluetooth to operate - this can be validated by turning off bluetooth and then going to the ON app where you will see the message “Please turn on Bluetooth” and the Opns are disconnected. Design and implementation flaw, no other way to describe it.


And with the Bluetooth off the hearing aids are also disconnected due to the fact that the hearing aids too are using Bluetooth to connect to the iPhone. It is the fact also that the hearing aids are using a very low power version of Bluetooth due to the requirements of hearing aids.


I don’t use ITTT or the Hearing Fitness feature so I hardly ever use the ON phone app. If I ever need to change program or volume using my iPhone, I just use the MFI menu instead. Clicking the Home button 3 times does the trick. I can split for volume balance there as well, while I can’t with the ON app.


I do use the app because I use my watch as my remote most times.


Actually, if Accessibility>Hearing>Adjust Independently is turned on, the Oticon ON app can change the aids volume independently by swiping up or down on the left side of the screen for the left HA or the right side of the screen for the right HA or the center of the screen for both HAs. My problem is that if I leave the ON app running in the background, it fails to connect to the HAs about 20% of the time, as does the Oticon ON app for the Watch; however, I have never had a failure to connect when clicking the Home button 3 times to adjust volume or programs.