New OPN1 ITE aids



Likewise. Drives you insane otherwise! :rofl:

It was interesting to see how the Genie software works and the programming of the OPNs.

I have been to see my audiologist a couple of times since being back in Denmark for Christmas and I learned that due to my ear canal in my right ear having a bend that my left doesn’t have, it means I don’t have as much reserve gain in my right ear so need a bit more power when using the speech rescue program and music program.

It was because I had noticed that the mic volumes changes when I use P2 with speech rescue (L: 64%/ R: 71%) compared to when I am on P1 (L: 64%/ R: 64%), which is majority of the time so I asked my audiologist about this as I initially thought it was the volume!

This is not to do with volume, it’s to do with reserve gain apparently, and because I have a bent ear canal in my right, in certain programs, I need a bit more power. Learnt something new! And I could see this on the Genie software as well, it was very impressive!


How have you been doing with them in restaurants?


Really well. I tend to switch to P2 with speech rescue for pubs and restaurants. I’m going to try and keep using this program more over the default now it has been altered slightly to be less harsh with ‘sh’ sounds. Apparently it’s to do with the frequency it was at, my audiologist amended this so it didn’t seem so harsh as it did put me off before! It was very prominent. But now it is much better.

But they are fantastic and really come into their own in noisy situations like restaurants. I can actually keep up with conversations now. Changed my life in many ways.


Restaurants that I have been to haven’t been an issue


I’m on week three with these OPN2 aids and they sure help with the hearing! I’m setup with one program and no volume control or mute. The Audi told me if I wanted to hear naturally l would have to adjust to the sounds, normal hearing people don’t have mute! So, here I am in a very noisy environment and I have no problems dealing with the noise and conversing with my wife.

I have a second scheduled appointment with the Audi in two weeks and at that time I’m going to tell her that I don’t want any changes, these aids are great with the current settings.


I do mute my aids at times. I love to read and my wife loves old movies,so I will set with her and mute my hearing aids and read while she watches her movies


I think it serves no purpose to not have volume control or mute enabled. If you don’t want to use it then don’t touch it, simple as that. But there’ll be times when you want to use it, and by not having it, you’ve just disabled the one advantage you have over normal hearing people.

I use mute when I stream music or video very often, when I don’t have to have distractions going on.

When there are unpleasant sounds nearby, I just reduce the volume or mute so I don’t have to endure hearing those sounds like normal hearing people have to.

Sometimes in noisy places and I hear a soft spoken person well enough, I actually turn up the volume so I can hear that person despite making the sounds around me louder. I’m already used to tuning out sounds I don’t want to hear with my brain so making them a little louder doesn’t bother me, as long as I can understand the soft spoken speech. So while normal hearing people may have to strain to hear a soft spoken person in a noisy place, I can up the volume to hear that person better and not have to strain to listen.

The bottom line is that I think your audi’s logic is flawed. Having the options available doesn’t mean that you have to use them. But if/when you want to use them, it’s better to have the option. That’s an advantage that you have wearing hearing aids over normal hearing people who don’t.


I am finding that slowly I am getting to the point that I am understanding speech so better with less stress to hear and understand. I am also finding myself lowering the volume on my aids one notch from the default on my left hearing aids, which is my better ear. This seems to help balance my feeling of hearing with both ears. I am also just using my hearing aids and not using the TV connect, and I am noticing that my understanding of phone calls is improving with streaming from my iPhone.


I remember when I initially read the marketing stuff from the OPN, it has stuff about some study that it helps reduce the stress of listening by measuring something in the pupil of their test subjects. I dismissed it as marketing gimmicks until you mentioned it here.

As for myself, the listening became so natural to me over time that I just don’t think about it much anymore. I just never associated it with less listening stress, but I suppose you do make a good point about how it has been harder for us to listen before compared to now.

To be fair, I’m sure that this is nothing exclusive to the OPN only. Most hearing aids that work out well for their users would help reduce the listening stress on their users.


So very true my Alta Pros did the same but as my hearing worsened I stressed more. I am hoping that doesn’t happen to me this time.


Went to Christmas Eve service this evening and had a chance to play with the lecture program and compare it with my default and in our church I couldn’t tell the difference. So I am pretty to the point of only needing my default program.


Below are the default settings I found between the original P1 and the 3 built-in modes on my Genie 2 setup:

Default P1 (General VAC+ rationale): Noise reduction: 0dB in Simple, -5dB in Complex, Low OpenSound Transition help.

Speech In Noise: Noise reduction: 0dB in Simple, -7.5dB in Complex, Medium OpenSound Transition help, slightly higher gain than P1 default.

Lecture: Noise reduction -1.5dB in Simple, -7.5dB in Complex, Medium OpenSound Transition help, very similar gain compared to Speech in Noise, which is slightly higher gain than P1 default.

Comfort: Noise reduction: -1.5dB in Simple, -7.5dB in Complex, Low OpenSound Transition help, slightly lower gain than P1 default.

I find it interesting that while the Lecture and Speech in Noise settings is virtually the same, but Speech in Noise noise reduction in Simple is 0dB while this setting in Lecture is -1.5dB. I would have thought it should be the reverse. Oh well.

The other interesting thing to observe is that even though mine is an OPN 1, the Speech in Noise built-in program has noise reduction of only 0dB in Simple, instead of the max of -3.5dB, and noise reduction in Complex of only -7.5dB instead of the max possible value of -9dB. I would have thought that they should have assigned the max noise reduction setting values in both Simple and Complex for Speech in Noise. I would have also thought that the OpenSound Transition help should have been set to High instead of just Medium.

I also find it interesting that the default P1 setting has 0dB in Simple and -5dB in Complex noise reduction, with Low OpenSound transition help. But I assume that they just want to start out with non-aggressive settings to begin with, and let the provider adjust them more aggressively as needed.

But then I think it’s a crime to make users pay an arm and a leg for the OPN 1 (vs the 2 or the 3), and then give the default setting of just -5dB for Complex noise reduction, which is the equivalent of the max noise reduction for the OPN 3 only. If users pay an arm and a leg for the -9dB max noise reduction for the OPN 1, then why set the default to just the equivalent of the OPN 3? Makes no sense to me.

I just changed all my built-in programs including the P1 (except for the Music program) to the max noise reduction of -3dB in Simple and -9dB in Complex. As for OpenSound transition help, I set my P1 to medium, the Comfort program to Low, and the Speech in Noise program to High. I don’t use the Lecture program. My Music program does not have any noise reduction, naturally.

I also have Speech Rescue enabled for P1, Comfort and Speech in Noise.

With the changes I made above, I find that if I decrease the volume in P1 by a notch or two, it virtually sounds the same as the Comfort setting. If I increase the volume in P1 by a notch or two, it virtually sounds the same as the Speech in Noise setting. So for the most part, I just use P1 and adjust its volume accordingly as needed and don’t bother with the Speech in Noise and Comfort program anymore.

I use the Music program when I’m at a concert of some sort. Otherwise, for normal music from watching TV, I don’t even bother with the Music program and I just use the P1 General VAC+ for that.


My default program seems to have the noise remover set to max, and the speech recovery set also to max. I still here some background noise but very little. I find that listening to live music is good for me but I haven’t ever had a real ear for music. Also there doesn’t seem to be sound that come in that catches me off guard. And speech always take center stage in my hearing


I have to say that I am getting to the point of needing only two programs my default P1 and the TV connect and most TV programs and movies I can hear without the need of the TV connect. I have also been turning down the volume by 1 notch and have it at -1 most of the time. I am not noticing my tinnitus near as much now, and I am noticing by doing some reading along with audible that my word understanding is improving also. I am sure there are other aids that can do this same thing for me and or anyone else. I am just so surprised and so very happy with these hearing aids. My stress level is down so much and I am noticing I don’t mute my aids or take a break from them like I use to have to do. I wear my aids from the time I get up to bed time, about 14 to 16 hours.


I told my wife this evening that I am a good mine to give my Audi a big hug because these aids are working so great for me.


Likewise. I mainly use P1. Sometimes use P2 with speech rescue on occasion in challenging situations but mostly use P1 as works brilliantly in most situations. I don’t use TV Connect, but found I had to turn down the TV! I used to have it at approximately 50, but it’s now down at 30-35 now! :smiley:

They are really amazing and has been life changing. I can hear so much more and better than ever before.


I feel I have reach my dream of just wearing my hearing aids without the need to have any other program except for my default program. I have and appointment the last Monday of this month to set my Audi to have my right aid checked due to a feeling that it is not set as loud as it should be. And to return my phone connect due to it being version 2 and for these aids and the connect clip I need version 3.
I am also using the connect clip to connect to my MacBook for use with FaceTime and Netflix and a few podcasts that I like the larger screen than my iPad for.
I really do like the fact that I don’t need to change programs like I did with my Alta Pros. And I also love the fact that I no longer have the streamer pro around my neck. The only real issue I have is with my volume wheels on my aids, I am always pumping the right one and change the volume when I don’t wish to, also I am lefty so I use only the left on to change volume when needed. I am going to ask if it is possible to disable the right volume wheel and still have the left on control the volume of both aids. But if that is not possible then I may just have both disabled and use my watch as my remote control.


Wow I am in my recliner in the living room and the TV is on fairly loud and I can hear the wind chimes that are in the tree in the front yard. With my Alta Pros I could barely hear the chimes if I was setting on the front porch.


I use our alarm system to check hearing aid performance. When I set it when we leave it has a high pitch beeping for 30 seconds. With some hearing aids I can barely hear it. With some I can hear it clearly but when we go outside I couldn’t hear it at all, and my wife could hear it. Now I can hear it when I’m outside! These are the best performing hearing aids I have had.


Went to a morning meeting with our police chief, there were around forty people there and I ended up setting in the far back of the room. I had to turn the volume up one notch but was able to here great. I was using my default program too. The more I wear these aids the more amazed I am with them.