New OPN1 ITE aids



So disappointed went to the church Christmas cantata and I wasn’t able to understand the choir at all, but I could hear the orchestra just fine. The choir just sounded like noise in with the beautiful orchestra.


I think that’s the nature of the beast. It’s hard enough to try to understand single voice, let alone dozens of people singing together. Plus singing is not speech. It doesn’t have the normal inflection and pronunciation of regular speech. It has to bend to the tune of the music, to the beat of the music. All these irregularities makes it double hard to understand, especially if you don’t know the song and lyrics already to know what to expect.

I have the same issue understanding what the choir sings if I don’t know the song. If I do, then it becomes a piece of cake to understand as expected. But not because I could understand it better. It’s only because I could easily know what’s coming before it even came.

There’s no speech in the orchestra music so you don’t know what you’re missing anyway. If you can hear better than before then you’re happier. But there’s no criteria for understanding that you need to achieve in orchestra music so you don’t get that failure feeling when you don’t understand what’s being sung.


I don’t feel failure I just was hoping for a better understanding and not the feeling of stress and the headache that I got from going to what should have been and was to most beautiful Christmas music.


I think it’s all about expectations. If you consider the choir just another instrument (like choral pieces in foreign languages), there’s nothing to stress about. It’s only when our “heads” get involved and start making judgements that we get stressed. So, perhaps try a different attitude, or if the lyrics are too important, perhaps ask the choir director for a list of the songs and review the lyrics ahead of time.


I have had my new aids now just over a week and they are far more comfortable than I expected. I normally have a week or more of the aids not feeling this comfortable before I get use to them. As for as the sounds, they are very nature sounding to me. And I am having to make very few adjustments to the volume or programs. I am even finding I use the TV program much less than I expected. The iPhone calls are so much better than having to use a streamer. The only issue I had was at a church choir cantata that I could not understand the songs. After talking to mt wife and others I found that they had to same problem with understanding the songs


Well I am getting about 50 to 55 hours out of the batteries, and they are 312s. This coming Monday will be 2 weeks and I have to say that I am extremely happy with these aids.


That’s consistent with what I’m getting on my mini RITE OPN 1 and I stream a lot, too.


Do you have the issue that I see? I put in new batteries, and my right battery shows 60 percent and the left battery shows 90 percent. And rotate the same batteries swapping which aids they are in and th percentages stay with the aids and not the batteries.
I do give the batteries anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to breathe before using them


What I see is that the battery level shown is not reliable. It can show a lower value in a brand new battery. Or it can show 100%. There’s no consistency in this.

What you see in terms of swapping batteries yet still see the same value discrepancy in the aids may be due to the refresh not being updated fast enough after you swapped the batteries. I have no idea how soon or how often they refresh the battery read out however. I just simply don’t take heed to the battery indicator on the iPhone because it’s just not consistent or reliable like you have seen yourself.


I find the same to be true in the Oticon ON app for Android. I notice that batter indicator is a little more reliable when the batteries are down to a few hours of life left.


Thank you both it seems that when I let the batteries drain all the way to death that they are dying at about the same time


I have been wearing hearing aids for over 13 years and have until the last week not be able to hear behind or the either side. But now I am able to hear things that I haven’t heard in years I can also tell direction much better. I can now while driving where the sirens from emergency vehicles are coming from. It is almost like a miracle.


I’ve always wondered how well this works with the ITE type where you don’t have a rear facing mic to pick up things in the back like you do with the mini RITE. But seems like it’s not really an issue after all.


I believe it is the same thing as being able to have normal hearing, our ears do the work with the microphones in the ears then the ears do the sorting out of direction.


That’s true, ITE wearers do have the real pinna effect going on while mini RITE users don’t.


Was finally able to take my scooter out, for a short ride to the post office and back. Today was the first time that I believe I heard things close to the way normal hearing people do. Wind noise wasn’t bad at all and I could hear the exhaust of the scooter as I believe it should sound. I could also hear the scooter shifting through its range, it is and automatic so it does sound different. These aids are larger than my last ones so does feel different in my helmet but not causing feedback


I am becoming more and more comfortable with jus my default program. I am finding I don’t even need the TV connect that often. I had told my Audi that my dream was to just put my aids in my ears and forget them until bedtime, and I am almost there.


That’s really good. I’m pleased for you.


Likewise. I mainly use my default program. Seeing my audi tomorrow for a fine tune. But don’t think I’ll be changing much at all.


Learning not to pay attention to the battery percentage that the app or my IOS shows. Just wait for the low battery peeps. Getting about 50 hours out of the batteries.